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RB Profiler

The only truly global tool for strategic brand management

In times of saturated markets with exchangeable products, all marketing efforts must focus on the customer. Brand strategies have an immediate impact on business success, and generating corporate value means building a brand that works by catching the consumer at the moment of truth. The value-based RB Profiler tool makes it easy.

RB Profiler opens up a new dimension of brand management. Since it is based on comprehensive consumer surveys, this tool makes it possible to illustrate and analyze brand profiles and customer segments in a quantified, value-oriented manner. Rather than focusing on brands or products, the Profiler method looks at consumers' values and needs. These are the elements that determine consumers' attitudes toward a brand, and which ultimately influence the decision to buy.

Basic assumption

Basic assumption – The decision to buy a product is made if the brand meets the consumer's brand values and needs

A brand can only be successful if it meets consumers' individual needs and preferences and represents their values. The more a brand does this (whether it be for a company's product or service), the more likely a consumer is to buy the brand. The decision-making process is subjective and influenced by gut feeling that conventional approaches to market research cannot measure. And that is exactly why RB Profiler stands out from the rest. The tool objectively identifies and assesses the entire spectrum of consumer needs and values, and illustrates the results. RB Profiler represents a milestone in developing successful brand strategies, as it makes a subjective discussion more objective.

Basic assumption – congruency between the values of a brand and of consumers triggers a positive buying decision

In brief, RB Profiler is also a multi-level brand strategy development process that must be applied holistically. A thorough understanding of actual and potential consumers as well as a clear roadmap for the strategy development process ensure a conclusive, focused and efficient marketing mix. RB Profiler fulfills both of these requirements by offering a coherent brand strategy development process and detailed insights into positioning competitive brands and the different consumer segments (also known as Archetypes).

20 values

The RB Profiler uses its own language – 20 consumer values and six orientations as basic vocabulary

Roland Berger has identified 20 general consumer values through extensive market research. These values resulted from in-depth statistical factor analysis and multi-dimensional scaling and comprise the unique RB Profiler language.

These values were arranged in a two-dimensional space based on their statistical correlation, with related values close to each other and those seldom found together placed further apart. This results in a matrix with an inherently logical configuration of values. Its axes measure emotionality or rationality on the one hand and minimalism or maximalism on the other. The matrix is divided into six fields, each of which stands for a certain group of values, making it very easy to understand. The six value clusters are altruism, traditional and progressive hedonism, moneyism, and traditional and progressive performance.

20 general customer values, desires and aspirations are used to measure the needs of customers and values addressed by brands

Each of these six groups consists of between two and five practically tested, precisely defined and relevant fundamental values. The altruistic values, for instance, are Fair (high ethical standards, need for social justice), Nature (high ecological standards, affinity to nature) and Purism (minimalism, understatement, rejection of waste and excess). On the opposite side of the scale, the values of progressive performance are Customized (need for individuality, uniqueness, flexibility), Personal Efficiency (systematic comfort, efficiency, availability and speed) and Protech/Innovation (pioneering spirit, fascination for innovations and the latest technology). All of the values are elicited from consumers using carefully developed, tried-and-tested, indirect statements. This largely rules out measurement fuzziness such as politically correct answers. All of the value attributes can be measured and validated quantitatively.

RB Profiler approach

The RB Profiler approach – From representative in-depth market research to valuable customer insight and implications for branding strategy

In a first step, consumers are asked about their underlying values and needs. The representative market research is based on the Statement Battery: Consumers respond to 85 standardized value questions that refer to 20 universal consumer values and needs. They respond with varying degrees of affirmation and rejection, and their answers are used to compile Individual Consumer Profiles that are visualized in a matrix called the Profiler Grid. The matrix does not only cover emotional and rational values, but also indicates whether the consumer is likely to consume more or less.

The RB Profiler grid and the individual consumer profile "Paul"

The RB Profiler method not only asks consumers about their personal values and basic needs, but also about their brand usage within a certain timeframe. To identify the Actual Value Perception (AVP) of a brand, the individual value profiles of all brand users are aggregated and contrasted with those of non-users (please refer to brand profile of Lufthansa). In addition, market drivers can be identified (please see example aviation).

Example of market driver aviation and brand profile of Lufthansa

Archetypes as consumer typology

Archetypes – a truly unique consumer typology

The Individual Consumer Profiles are aggregated into clusters to identify the eight value-based German archetypes, each of which represents a homogeneous consumer segment. The range covers the performance-oriented rational performer, the trend- oriented hedonist and the idealistic, socially committed dreamer.

Overview on the eight German archetypes as a result of values-based segmentation

Applications of RB Profiler

RB Profiler covers a broad range of applications in strategic brand management

We use RB Profiler to measure consumer needs. The tool segments customers, describes brand perceptions and brand projection and analyzes brand performance. The tool can be applied to

  1. Assess consumers' brand perception and compare it with their perception of competitors and/or brands in the same portfolio
  2. Identify consumers' needs, conduct customer segmentation and evaluate economic attractiveness
  3. Analyze brand projection in communications and at the point of sale, and draw comparisons between actual and target propositions
  4. Carry out implementation via the marketing mix
  5. Monitor and track brand performance and controlling

Application of RB Profiler to B2B markets

RB Profiler can also be applied to B2B markets to position brands successfully. We have identified 15 core values that are relevant to B2B clients in their decision making processes. From these, comprehensive market and customer segmentation can be elaborated. It identifies the underlying values and needs that determine buying patterns in addition to demographic and economic criteria. Once this has been done, actions can be derived for the marketing and sales mix. The head of marketing can then objectively determine the brand perception and adapt the value profiles to customers' needs. For each market, different consumer segments (also known as Archetypes), can be determined.

Example of Portuguese archetypes in the B2B-market for telecommunications

The market being considered can be defined individually. At the same time, similar to B2C, the market drivers of the respective industries can be identified. Market drivers support the strategy selection process, as they highlight which values are important or might become more important in the future. Thus, each company can determine whether its positioning corresponds to target customers' value development. And companies can find whether they came closer to their target positioning through repeated analyses.

USP of RB Profiler

In a nutshell: the USP of RB Profiler

RB Profiler is designed as a universal platform for the entire strategic brand management process:

  • RB Profiler ensures a truly holistic approach by both qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • RB Profiler covers all phases of brand management, from fundamental research to individual strategies for successful implementation through the marketing mix
  • RB Profiler allows individual customization of project aspects
  • RB Profiler aims to detect potential and ensures as one central source that the brand strategy is implemented with one user interface and one common language
  • RB Profiler is applicable to B2C and B2B markets

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