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Corporate financing is more challenging than ever

think: act CONTENT


Companies need a solid financing basis giving them sufficient room for maneuver to exploit market opportunities and set their sights firmly back on expansion. In the aftermath of the crisis, companies – particularly small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) – find themselves in a tricky position.

They must reckon on facing greater limitations with regard to financing in the coming period. For current and future refinancing projects, the level of permissible debt will be lower than before the crisis. Financing and collateral structures have become more complex and a need for refinancing has arisen – for example as mezzanine programs have come to an end.

Securing a solid financing basis is more important – and more complex – than ever before. It is a central decision-making area for companies and must be placed at the top of the agenda. Businesses need to find the best possible solutions to the inescapable challenges. To choose the right financing instruments, they need to understand the specific situation they find themselves in.

To answer these questions, a new Roland Berger study investigates the financial position of German SMEs after the crisis and what they can do to meet their future financing needs in a smart, sustainable manner.

In this edition of think: act CONTENT we present the key findings of the study and our recommendations for action.


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