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Fleet business in BRIC and emerging markets


Western OEMS are facing ever more saturated domestic markets, including the fleet segment. Particularly in Europe, OEMs are having trouble growing their market shares in this area. For example, OEM fleet business accounts for 62% of sales in Germany, 54% in the UK and 48% in Spain. These are the findings of the new Roland Berger study entitled "Fleet business in BRIC and emerging markets".

The picture is different in the BRICs and other emerging markets with fleet business less well established than in Europe. For example, fleet volume in China makes up just 9% of the national car market; in India and Russia, the figure is 13%. "This shows that the BRICs in particular still offer great growth opportunities for western OEMs," explains Marcus Hoffmann, Partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. "But they need the right market strategies tailored to each country. European business models cannot be transferred directly to these markets."


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