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Join our newsletters and RSS services to stay informed about recent developments in our company. We have launched this service to regularly provide you with new content from our website, including news on consulting topics, publications or press releases.

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Our „Whats new“ feed shows all new pages on our site. You can preview what it looks like on this page.

You can subscribe to our „Whats new“ feed in two ways. Either you choose to be notified as soon as an item is published or to get a weekly digest.

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You can subscribe our press releases as a summary or as the full press release. After you subscribed by email, you’ll get every press release as soon as it’s published into your mailbox.

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About RSS

RSS is an easy way to track the latest content on the Roland Berger website without visiting it on a regular basis.

We put together an overview of the content changes on our website containing new articles' headlines and the relevant links. This overview is in XML format that you can read by subscribing to them with the newsreader tool.

Find out more about RSS and how it works on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS  

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