How evolution drives success in the digital era

Think:Act Magazine "Digital Darwinism"
How evolution drives success in the digital era

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4. November 2019

Today’s strategies for riding out the threat of digitalization take inspiration from Charles Darwin

"Survival of the fittest", a phrase commonly attributed to British naturalist and biologist Charles Darwin, is often used to explain why certain species survive and thrive – and others don't. (Remember the dodo?) In many ways, the world of business is similar to the natural world and evolutionary theories might offer some explanations on why some companies weather storms well while others don't. The digital era today presents another storm that will disrupt businesses, and only those who are "fit" will survive. But what makes a business fit? In this issue of Think:Act, we take inspiration from nature to understand what "fitness" means in the world of business, and take a look at different strategies an organization can adopt to up its fitness quotient.

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  • Being unique is more important than strength alone
  • Digital transformation means taking the long view
  • Understanding the types of business ecosystems
  • Brian Solis on experience innovation and survival
  • The quest for immortality
  • Digital is renewing music, not destroying it
  • The bank that turned social innovation into profit
  • Tsedal Neeley's case for a corporate lingua franca
  • China's government plan for its own Silicon Valley
  • Why nomadism is good for human assets
  • Curtis Carlson on how to seed serial innovation

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