The purpose principle

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The purpose principle

Why having a mission gives businesses strength

The business world's fundamental values are changing. Slowly the realization is dawning that corporations can no longer exist for profit alone. In order to survive in this changing corporate climate, companies must integrate social engagement and a long-term vision into a larger agenda, and prove that they contribute to the positive development of society.

How can managers build a robust business model around a clear purpose? And how can it be anchored amidst dynamically changing corporate environments? Find out in this edition of our Think:Act magazine. One thing is sure – the outlook is promising. 85% of purpose driven companies report positive top-line growth – to the delight of their stakeholders.

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The new fight against digital obsession

A large number of those who use social media, apps and digital devices say it would be difficult to give up. Children and teenagers suffer from worsening sleep quality. And Silicon Valley is increasingly waking up to the irony of digital addiction becoming a trending topic. A growing coalition of academics and technologists are continuing to struggle with the multiple downsides of device-driven dreams.

Approaches to peel people away from screens range from easy-to-use advice for starters, safety features implemented in applications by companies, and regulatory frameworks set up by legislative institutions. Still one question remains: Are the heydays of surveillance capitalism over?

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Technical tools should not be dangerous weapons but sophisticated enablers.
Technical tools should not be dangerous weapons but sophisticated enablers.

How to build a company that’s built to last

"The who is ultimately more important than the what."
Portrait of Jim Collins
Management Guru

Most companies still don't understand the value of "institutional purpose". According to influential author Jim Collins, step one in building an iconic company is to have a deep sense of meaning.

Collins, the author of influential books like "Built to Last" and "Good to Great", says that companies fueled by an authentic purpose will always have a worthy pursuit.

In a freewheeling interview with Think:Act, he talks about creating great companies and the importance of purpose, Peter Drucker's legacy and lessons from rock-climbing and setting audacious goals.

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By persisting through failure, we can find purpose, says influential management author and guru Jim Collins.
By persisting through failure, we can find purpose, says influential management author and guru Jim Collins.
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