ASEAN Private Equity News 2022

ASEAN Private Equity News 2022

February 13, 2023
"Based on our project work and discussions with investors in the region, we are expecting a positive outlook for the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market in ASEAN in 2023."
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Singapore Office, Southeast Asia

In H2 2021 Roland Berger set up Investor Support practice in ASEAN, following more than 10 years of presence in the region, serving corporates on the matters of strategy and transformation. In doing so, we have aligned ourselves with the service offering of Roland Berger globally, where the Investor Support practice accounts for 25% of our business.

With the ambition of sharing our knowledge beyond transactions, we are introducing to you our new quarterly ASEAN Private Equity Newsletter providing a selection of insights on relevant investment themes and/ or sectors in the region. The insights are compiled by our experts in their field of expertise. The Newsletter also gives you a one-stop access to some of our studies issued in the period. This Q4/2022 edition looks at the following topics:

  • Healthcare market: Aditya Agarwal, our Principal and co-lead of the Healthcare & Pharma team, analyzes three elements o Changing times in healthcare investments in ASEAN: relation of hospital’s patient mix determines their recent financial performance of Digital Health’s rise: review of potential of telehealth and B2B e-commerce to help shape healthcare sector in the region o Integrated ecosystems begin to take shape: post-COVID, new care models develop leveraging variety of data across to improve particularly preventive care.
  • Retail market: Julien Bourdiniere, our Senior Partner and Lead of the CGR team, discusses prospects of channel development in the regional Retail market and predicts future growth leveraging experience from Chinese market and observations from the respective local markets.
  • Semiconductor market: Oliver Holtkemper, our Senior Manager in the Investor Support team, looks at ASEAN semiconductor manufacturing market. And contemplates its prospects in the light of the increasing geopolitical tensions as well as supply chain situation.

More on these topics is here:

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ASEAN Private Equity News 2022


We are introducing our new quarterly ASEAN Private Equity Newsletter providing a selection of insights on relevant investment themes and/or sectors in the region.

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