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対象: フルタイムの実務経験が3年程度以上あり、2024年から海外MBAビジネススクール/大学院へ進学される方
日程: 2024年6月5日(水)19:00-20:30
形式: オンライン
応募方法: ”Apply now”よりお申し込みください。 
応募締切: 2024年5月29日(水)23:59 日本時間
お問合せ: 株式会社ローランド・ベルガー キャリア採用担当   
      [email protected]

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Roland Berger is the only management consultancy of European origin with a global footprint. We cherish different perspectives and approaches and count on the diversity and authenticity of our employees. Driven by our values of entrepreneurship, excellence, and empathy, we at Roland Berger are convinced that business and society need a new sustainable paradigm that takes the entire value cycle into account. Our cross-competence teams work with our clients to successfully address the challenges of our time, today and tomorrow, across all industries and business functions. If you like to take the initiative and make a difference as part of a team, Roland Berger is the right place for you.

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