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キャリア採用 Consultant/Senior Consultant





  • 4年制大学/大学院卒以上(学部不問)
  • 事業会社及び官公庁等、プロフェッショナル職において1年以上の実務経験をお持ちの方
  • コンサルティング経験、経営企画部門での業務経験、グローバルでのご活躍経験があれば尚良
  • 日本語力ネイティブレベル(会話・読み書き共にJLPT1級レベル必須)
  • 英語力ビジネスレベルあれば尚良



年俸制(経験・能力に応じ当社規定により優遇)、フレックスタイム勤務、交通費全額支給 他






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株式会社ローランド・ベルガー キャリア採用担当


As a Consultant, you will be working in a project team on a large variety of different projects. Your tasks will include assuming responsibility for a project module, conducting research and interviews, preparing and participating in workshops for clients, performing market research and data analysis, and preparing and ocassionally giving presentations.

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, you will be an important pillar of every project. You provide our clients with creative strategies that work.
You will assume responsibility for one or more project modules or smaller projects, interact directly with clients at the management level, handle project management concerning clients and colleagues, prepare and give presentations, and contribute to acquisition approaches.


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