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Job Description

Collecting and analyzing external data and internal knowledge for acquisitions and projects from external and internal databases, and integrating it into internal knowledge base.
从各种渠道搜集并分析信息, 为项目服务并充实内部信息库

· Independently handling requests using internally available knowledge and external sources (interviews, contacts, etc.) and database searches根据项目需求, 通过搜索各种内外部数据库及访谈等方式独立完成信息搜集工作
· Analyzing and preparing external and internal data分析及准备内外部数据
· Developing and refining RB knowledge 维护并完善公司知识库
· Producing or updating basic knowledge base 制作或更新基本数据表格
· Continually expanding our range of sources扩展信息来源
· Giving new consultants introduction to relevant area of knowledge为新员工介绍信息收集知识与方法
· Developing business intelligence in the relevant platforms为相关行业功能中心收集并整理信息


· University or above degree with economy related background, or  industrial products related working experience经济类或相关专业本科及以上学历,工业品或相关行业经验为佳

· Professional skills in searching on Internet精通网上搜索技巧
· Knowledge of business and economics, especially on industrial products具备基本商务知识, 尤其是工业品知识
· Analytical and targeted approach to problem-solving较强的分析及解决问题能力
· Professional experience: 1-3 years 1-3年以上工作经验 (含有实习经验的毕业生)
· Working experience in professional services, market intelligence agencies will be an advantage.有行业研究、市场调研经验为佳
· Excellent PC skills and experience of using office applications熟练使用办公软件
· Excellent written and spoken English and good communication skills中英文表达流利/沟通能力强
· Good at integrating into the team/team player 富有团队合作精神
· Creativity 有创新精神
· Willingness to work under press愿意在压力下工作

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