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March 10, 2017

Spielfeld launches Spielfeld Academy

Uber is overtaking taxies. Hotels are losing ground to Airbnb on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Google threatens to replace everyone, even automakers if they scale the self-driving cars. New technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality will further accelerate the power of disruption across value chains and industries, without knowing today, how it will affect the industries of tomorrow.

The speed of innovation is exponential and thus difficult to capture. It is even more difficult when you are bound to traditional processes and routine ways of working. What happens to industries that fail to innovate in these times? To stay competitive and thrive in today's world, companies and their leaders need to let go of old methodologies and open themselves up to allow themselves to develop digitally to be ensured of a successful future.

At Spielfeld we host workshops, projects and events only focusing on future innovation topics. Since the beginning of 2016 we have carried out over 300 workshops, and travelled to the most innovative hot spots with our clients all over the world. These experiences, learnings and new networks enabled us to start working in a state of continuous engagement with the digital world.

With Spielfeld Academy we want to take advantage of this experience and network, and use it to increase the awareness of leaders and exchange perspectives on the most relevant innovation topics to traditional industries. The Academy sessions are run over 1-2 days in the form of Digital Bootcamps, focusing on specific topics or verticals (e.g., Fashion Tech, Additive Manufacturing, Mobility, VCommerce). Industry leaders will be invited to engage with our network, master new working methodologies and get insights into what lies ahead for their industries.

The first Digital Bootcamp addressed the relevance of digitalization for the Private Equity industry. "How should Private Equity firms evaluate investment opportunities in times of uncertainty?" and "Which role can interim CEOs or Portfolio Managers play in shaping the digital transformation of the venture?" were crucial questions that were raised during the session.

Together with the Roland Berger Investor Support, we were able to bring together the most relevant mid-cap Private Equity firms to share their experiences, predictions and questions about the future. The session, which was well received by all, featured Florian Heinemann (first CMO of Rocket Internet & founder of Project A), Fabian Heilemann (Partner of Earlybird) and Maximilian Viessmann (CDO Viessmann Group) as speakers and startups such as parlamind, Freighthub, Adspert.

The next Digital Bootcamps will be about the Future of HR and Artificial Intelligence. See all Digital Bootcamps here:

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