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April 7, 2020

Tim: My marketing & comms internship at Roland Berger

Hi, my name is Tim and I was a 6-month intern at Roland Berger's Marketing & Communication department in Munich. Before my internship, I studied a year abroad at Osaka University of Economics and Law in Japan and returned to Aalen University to finish my Bachelor's in Business Management. As interns work with many different tools and are involved from the very first day the learning curve is steep.

The Marketing & Communication department at Roland Berger works as a global newsroom giving interns the opportunity to take on a variety of tasks in different areas such as press, digital, events, and content teams. Furthermore, I was involved where there was a need, in line with the "360-degree mode" concept of the newsroom.

From my point of view, Marketing & Communication has a responsible dual function: communicating both internally and externally. To do this optimally, a good feel for situations and people is very important. Only if communication is at eye level, can messages come across and real value can be created.

Today, marketing is influenced strongly through digitalization. Proactively, Roland Berger is present at multiple platforms to strengthen its online brand and to reach potential target groups. They also exemplify strong interpersonal communication offline (i.e. journalist interviews, expert consultations, Roland Berger published studies in newspaper articles, etc.).

During my time at Roland Berger, I had the opportunity to support in different projects. Those covered from Key Performance Indicator analysis of different studies and campaigns, support in the establishment of a new Tagging System, the creation of the daily corporate newsletter as well as the writing of press releases and research work. I was part of exchanges between Roland Berger experts and journalists and supported to organize different events in Munich, Vienna, and Dusseldorf.

Within Marketing & Communication, the focus is always on the content itself. This allowed me insight into different projects and topics. One highlight was the support in the creation of an automatized dashboard. This tool illustrates the marketing funnel of Roland Berger's Marketing & Communication activities and provides Roland Berger experts with helpful information and key figures about current studies, campaigns, and projects.

The chance to work with various colleagues also increases personal growth and gives you opportunity to interact in a supportive team culture and a familiar working atmosphere.

If you are looking for a position in Marketing & Communication or if you are interested to work in a strategy consultancy, I can recommend doing an internship at Roland Berger.

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