the Original You.

Be the Original You.

Claudia, Project Manager


  • Bachelor's degree in economics
  • Master's degree in business
  • Two exchange semesters in China and India
  • Focus on large transformation and performance improvement projects as well as the development of new business models in various industries (e.g. food, retail, tourism, financial services). Engaged in recruiting, university marketing and knowhow development

"'Be the Original You.' implies for me that diversity is fully accepted and even sought at Roland Berger. Different personalities and perspectives are appreciated. Authenticity and empathy help us build successful relationships, not only within the team but also toward the client."


Why Roland Berger?

I joined Roland Berger as a Junior Consultant. This decision was based on the possibility I would have to specialize in projects in the financial services industry covering topics from digitalization and reorganization to cost savings.

However, the biggest factor in my decision were the colleagues at Roland Berger – flat hierarchies, a very cooperative spirit among colleagues and a lot of fun have proven to be true throughout the many years I've been here.

What makes Roland Berger special for me?

For me the spirit among colleagues at Roland Berger is special. Even in very stressful times we don't forget to have fun. But toward the client, too, we enjoy having a great working relationship on projects. We jointly address problems and develop customized solutions that fit the organization and actually have an impact – without any ivory towers or standard solutions. We also provide support beyond the conceptualization stage to ensure the actual implementation of these solutions. This makes the job special and interesting every day.

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