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Theresa, Senior Consultant


  • Degree in International Management from universities in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain

  • Joined Roland Berger in 2017 as a Junior Consultant

"At Roland Berger, you can be yourself and have the opportunity to find your own area of expertise."


My path to Roland Berger

I knew the consulting industry from previous internships and wanted to work in strategy consulting.
During my interviews with Roland Berger for an internship three years ago, I was amazed by the attitude and mindset of my interviewers. They were very open and caring consultants, and I could easily relate to and connect with them. That's why I decided to do an internship at Roland Berger.
I had an amazing internship with three different projects and topics, including one with colleagues from China. The entrepreneurial spirit and the large amount of responsibility and the fact that I was surrounded by open-minded and fun colleagues impressed me.
Consequently, I decided to start my career at Roland Berger as a Junior Consultant at the beginning of 2017 and have been working on digital and innovative topics ever since.

Why Roland Berger?

I enjoy working at Roland Berger for various reasons:
Firstly, I am delighted to be able to work on inspiring topics every day. Our digital projects are often focused on finding creative solutions for the challenges our clients are facing, including the disruption of their business models. The topics we analyze and the solutions we create fuel me and keep me motivated every day.
Secondly, we have a strong "hands-on" approach at Roland Berger, which sometimes results in digging deep and solving operational challenges for the client. However, our efforts are always rewarded by the results and client feedback we receive.
Thirdly, and most importantly, the inspiring personalities I encounter at Roland Berger and the fun times I have with my colleagues, for example during the various events such as the summer event or Christmas gala which we host in a different city every year.

What makes Roland Berger special for me?

The innovative and entrepreneurial spirit when working on projects for our clients. At Roland Berger we are enabled to bring in all our ideas and act as true entrepreneurs, we improve the business of our clients and make an impact.
Furthermore, I think we have a great team culture: everybody is eager to support one another, creating a truly positive culture.

My favorite project

In one of my last projects we introduced some AI software to facilitate process automation. As AI is one of the hot topics in the field of new digital innovations for now and surely for the upcoming decades, it was great to be at the forefront of it. We had to resolve various challenges jointly with the client and ultimately enabled them to implement a groundbreaking innovation.
To see the improved speed and correctness of processes was a great experience.

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