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Eine Frage der Wahrnehmung (DE)

August 4, 2015

Win the perception war

Today, success is largely a matter of perception. This has never been more true in the business world: twice as many managers’ careers fail due to negative perceptions of their actions rather than actual, objectively poor achievements. In fact, in 71% of cases where a top manager left their post prematurely, their lack of repute in the public eye or their damaged reputation among relevant stakeholders was the cause. In this exclusive, German-language publication, we present these insights—among many others—taken from our in-depth study into success, the perception thereof, and the role that different stakeholders and media play.

The results of the study regarding the far-reaching effects of negative media attention were particularly illuminating, and should serve as a wake-up call to players across all industries. As Torsten Oltmanns, partner at Roland Berger and author of this study explains, "It's not only managers who are foundering in increasing numbers owing to tarnished reputations—companies themselves are also suffering from a negative perception among the public and stakeholders to an ever greater extent." The rules are changing, but until now there’s been no clear management strategy available for guiding public perception in favorable directions.

Powerful position

Throughout this publication, we highlight specific case examples, spell out the positions of influential stakeholders, delve into the factors that go into shaping perception, and show how maintaining a powerful position in this challenging new environment depends on a proactive response to critics—now more than ever, a deep understanding of all media-driven PR and communications channels is critical to success.

Far more than a status report on the obstacles, this publication walks you through the basics of tracking goals, managing risks, and securing sustainable value for both managers and companies with Perception Value Management.


A matter of perception


Today, success is largely a matter of perception. This has never been more true in the business world

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