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Agility – demands of a fast-changing world

June 30, 2016

What artificial intelligence has to tell us

Between now and 2025, the digital transformation will increase Europe’s industrial gross added value by 1.25 trillion euros – we already analyzed that a few years ago. The technological revolution, therefore, presents every company with a never-before-seen opportunity, as well as an equal risk of gambling away their future.

A change in thinking is required: today, ideas and new business models result from each other. Companies can no longer afford to nurse and file new products for years and insist on perfection. The beta-version has to already be on the market and given to the customers, who know best how a product can be improved. Management that refuses this paradigm shift will be blown over by the winds of change. For years, we’ve been fascinated by companies who succeed at continuously reinventing themselves.

How and why they succeed, and what we can learn from them, that is the theme of our new THINK ACT Magazine, which is due out shortly. As an aperitif to the new issue, we’re serving you an experiment: Our CEO, Charles-Edouard Bouée, ventured forward into new terrain and spoke with Rose - the best chatbot in the world at the moment – about digitization, about change, about the future.

Designed by Bruce Wilcox, the chatbot Rose won the Loebner Prize - the oldest Turing test contest - twice in a row, first in 2014 and then in 2015. But like her contestant, she was not able to pass the total Turing test: she did not persuade the judges that she really was human. Anyway, who would be better suited for a conversation about the digital transformation of our society than someone who is a result of this revolutionary change?

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