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Digital solutions to care

July 10, 2017

The digitalization of nursing will improve the quality of care, reduce bureaucracy and increase efficiency. An aging population and a skills shortage are leading to a discussion around the potential of digital solutions in care.

Are information technology and communication technology already adequately utilized in the aged care sector? What are the potential benefits and what are the obstacles? What can be done to bring the digitalization of care forward? Our study, in partnership with the German Federal Health Ministry, sheds light on these questions.

How is the care sector approaching ICT?

The current state of care, as well as the potential for development comes under the microscope. In addition, we present an online questionnaire with players from the care industry, an analysis of 217 projects in which information and communication technology was developed and tested in the care sector, as well as the results of a qualitative survey with experts.

The results show the innovation and efficiency potential of information and communication technology (ICT) in care is not being utilized often enough. In order to change this, the study outlines the main areas in need of action and provides 15 concrete recommendations for steps to be taken. In addition, four possible pilot projects as well as two pioneering projects are showcased.


Digital solutions to care


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