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Smart Efficiency

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Efficiency through Elasticity

Volatility and uncertainty have become the new normal. Now more so than ever, businesses must prepare for the unexpected. It’s a stiff challenge for global players—traditional indicators are increasingly unreliable and more businesses are left feeling unsupported in their decisions. A new model for evaluating efficacy must be devised, one that focuses on increased efficiency in times of economic growth as well as the flexibility needed to weather the downturns. We call it “smart efficiency”.

In order to reveal where a business would be most vulnerable in the event of a crisis, our 360-degree quick check tool examines every level of operations, from the value chain to different aspects of the business model. We explore previously untapped resources of efficiency to maximize a business’s ability to anticipate upheavals and adapt effectively, bolstering organizational resilience.

With experience facing challenges and a vested interest in problem solving, we’ve approached this study as fellow entrepreneurs. We begin by examining links in the value chain alongside overhead departments such as IT and HR, then evaluate finances in detail, taking contextual factors into account before analyzing the current business model. And, the whole process takes only four weeks.

"By setting priorities and striking the right balance, you can learn to survive tough times", Stefan Schaible says.

  • The 360-degree quick check tool does not optimize for efficiency alone; rather, it finds currently unused stores of efficiency that can help build elasticity, ensuring short-term success and medium-term sustainability. Sometimes emergencies do arise, however, and we will also work with your business to devise prophylactic plans for implementation in these cases. By setting priorities and striking the right balance, you can learn to survive tough times and reposition for the next phase, all without losing momentum.

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Smart Efficiency


Traditional economic indicators no longer provide reliable orientation. Companies are called on to be both lean and flexible.

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