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Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility (CR) is a strategic business approach that reconciles economic with social and ecological success. Companies expect CR to remain important and even gain relevance in the years ahead. We have developed and successfully implemented a set of ready-to-implement tools that help make the most of a company's CR activities.


Companies today face relentless pressure to grow their markets and remain competitive. At the same time, how they conduct their business is scrutinized like never before from a large and growing stakeholder base. Luckily, doing good by the environment and society should and can bring financial return. Rather than seeing corporate responsibility as an unproductive cost or resource burden, we believe that it can be a source of opportunity.

Yet companies still encounter difficulties when embedding corporate responsibility into their daily operations or even aligning it with their core business. This is where our Practice Group Corporate Responsibility can help. We approach all projects from a strategic perspective, directly linking all aspects of corporate responsibility to the company‘s top and bottom line. In our experience, corporate responsibility must be a driver of profitable growth.

We have broad experience in this field and have developed a strategic approach that makes social and environmental responsibility work for companies. Moreover, we hold a repertoire of ready-to-implement tools.


Stefan Schaible

Partner, Deputy CEO

Frankfurt, Germany
Phone: +49 69 29924 - 6321
E-mail: e-mail

Regina Schmidt


Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 9230-8747
E-mail: e-mail



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