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Market attack

The economic crisis has hit us all hard – some more than others. After a short respite, data from across the world indicate another downward plunge. The stock markets are far from where they were before Lehman crashed and confidence levels are down in many markets and industries.

But even if the world is very different from the one we used to know, companies have to rally their forces and rise to the challenge. So it's time for "market attack" (again), but it's also time for a different market attack strategy. Companies need to find a more sustainable growth model focused on creating real value for their customers. To do so, they need to apply advanced customer profiling techniques as demonstrated by online companies but they also need to deal with data-protection issues. Last but not least, the current uncertainty requires that companies find the right balance of investments in growth and cost focus.

Given this background, Roland Berger's Marketing & Sales Competence Center has established a new dedicated practice group called "Market Attack".

In brief

Companies must adopt a customer-centric growth model to systematically identify and harvest their market potential. Roland Berger has helped several companies rise to this challenge through its analytical tools.

The "Market Attack" toolkit includes an online infrastructure to analyze and aggregate (usually anonymized) customer data – it has a dedicated Bucharest-based analytics centre to do so. Based on 1:1 customer profiles a targeted marketing and sales strategy is developed. Last but not least, the toolkit comprises Match Point Management, an approach that compares a company’s market position and cost performance to that of its peers. This allows it to find the right balance of market and cost performance and to discover avenues of growth and of efficiency gains.

Our approach

The Roland Berger market attack approach

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