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HR excellence

The HR Excellence Practice Group provides comprehensive advisory services on all key aspects of successful human resources management, such as HR strategy, HR organization, workforce management and talent & leadership.

In brief

Human resources management has become a strategic success factor. Against the background of the global economic crisis and new uncertainty about the economy, talent has reemerged as a key issue on CEOs' agendas worldwide. Strategies for handling this issue may differ between countries and companies. But we see a strong tendency to more effectively tap internal talent potential rather than to resort to hiring externally.

The HR function

The HR function: HR strategy, HR organization and HR processes

To ensure excellent long-term corporate performance, HR departments must become true strategic partners to a company's operational units and top management. This means HR must considerably raise its share of value-adding tasks and expand its strategic influence by not only supporting but also advising the company.

Our experts have successfully translated corporate strategies into suitable HR missions and HR strategies, aligned global HR organizations according to new strategic tasks and defined the corresponding HR roles and responsibilities. Time, cost and quality are the focus when improving the efficiency and effectiveness of HR service delivery. We use our longstanding expertise in human resources management and our Practice Group's extensive HR benchmarks to identify savings potential. To achieve the goals set, we jointly define actions that include, for instance, developing HR shared services solutions or introducing employee and manager self-services (ESS/MSS).

Workforce management

Workforce management: Flexibility, workforce planning and labor cost management

In the light of economic turbulence, intensifying competition and the increasing unpredictability of future business cycles, active workforce management is a must. This involves new and creative working arrangements, fluctuation management and an optimized workforce mix to manage personnel capacity and personnel costs on a short-term as well as long-term basis.

Our experts will review all possible innovative working arrangements for you. Together we align employer and employee work priorities to capture hidden savings potential and increase the adaptability of your workforce to changing capacity needs. With our experience in workforce planning, we also help you to enhance your planning, monitoring and reporting tools. In the event of an acute company crisis, we bring in our proven experience in short-term labor cost management. With this, we support you in managing the sensitive issue of headcount reduction by finding socially acceptable solutions including legal aspects and successful stakeholder management.

HR leadership

HR leadership: Talent management, employer branding and diversity

The aim of HR leadership is to ensure excellent leadership resources to tackle the challenges of increasingly volatile and complex markets. This includes recruiting, training and retaining the right talent on a local and global level. We believe that a holistic people development model and the proactive management of diversity are necessary to optimize the deployment of intellectual capital and to drive corporate performance.

We support you in finding the right approach for talent management, competency management and all issues related to setting up a corporate academy to help you leverage existing potential. With our experience in employer branding and personnel marketing, we can develop a winning talent-supply strategy and help you attract and retain crucial talent.

In addition, our experts develop and implement solutions for HR issues that arise as a result of post-merger integration, due diligence work or organizational realignments and support you in managing and implementing change.

Our experts

Tim Zimmermann


Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 9230-8362
E-mail: e-mail

Fabian Huhle


Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 9230-8486
E-mail: e-mail

Alain le Couédic


Hong Kong, Greater China
Phone: +852 3757 9488
E-mail: e-mail

Jörg Seufert


Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 9230 - 8666
E-mail: e-mail

Ina Wietheger


Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49 40 37631-4342
E-mail: e-mail


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"They were true partners in every sense, and most importantly, they delivered on their commitments." (Global Head of HR for Commercial Operations; global pharmaceutical company)

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