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René Seyger

René Seyger


Amsterdam Netherlands Phone: +31 20 7960-600


René Seyger is a Partner at the Amsterdam office of Roland Berger. He is responsible for transportation and restructuring in the Netherlands.

René has more than twenty years of experience in strategy consulting. By combining long-term vision, strategy and operational management, he supports the reshaping of companies and of sectors as a whole. He commonly works with automotive and transportation firms, industrial and manufacturing companies, and government.

René also focuses on the restructuring of companies that have come upon hard times. An integrated recovery plan is readily developed, one which tackles the acute (financial), structural (operational) and fundamental (strategic) problems. Early detection of such problems by management and supervisory board members is the subject of the Roland Berger study "Trojan Horses of Decline", which has also been published as a book.

René graduated from the University of Twente in business administration.