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Corporate excellence

Corporate strategy defines a company's vision, sets long-term goals and outlines the nature and scope of its business. Effective strategies can give a company a decisive competitive edge. We support companies as they develop and implement strategic change processes, focusing on corporate transformation, performance programs and post-merger integration. For large international projects, we can leverage our past experience with our multiproject management tool.

Our Strategy & Corporate Excellence team taps our company's expertise to support clients in tackling key business issues, such as increasing value in order to prevent a takeover or improving performance of unprofitable business units. Other critical initiatives include preparing for market downturns or making a PMI a success for all stakeholders. The most important issue, of course, is achieving sustainable growth and profitability in the global marketplace. But there is no uniform growth strategy. We provide tailor-made solutions that are right for your company. We deliver results.

think: act "Leadership"

Issue 19, 2013

This issue kicks off a series of Roland Berger activities on the topics of "management and strategy" …  >>