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Norbert Stoeck

Norbert Stoeck

Practice Group Manager

Munich Germany Phone: +49 (89) 9230-8351


Dr. Norbert Stoeck has been in consulting for over 20 years. As Practice Group Manager, he oversees the international consulting activities at Roland Berger for trade fairs, conferences and mega-events.
In this capacity he managed over 100 projects all over the world, from Abu Dhabi and Bahrain to Russia.

The industrial engineer began his professional career at Tabbert GmbH before switching over to consulting in 1983. He served as co-editor for the books "Handbuch Messemanagement" and "Trade Show Management" (in English). Since 2005, Dr. Stoeck has been a member of the advisory council for Travel2Fairs GmbH. In addition, he holds seats on the supervisory boards for three other German companies.