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Electrical Engineering & Manufacturing

Electrical engineering covers a wide range of products and applications: components, small appliances and even large power engineering products. Regardless of their specialization, all companies face fierce competition. Given the diversity of this industry, there is not just one "correct" approach to supporting our clients. Our projects involve a rich variety of topics and solutions.

In brief

Meeting the challenges of a highly competitive market

With their lower production costs, players from emerging markets are putting pressure on their European competitors. Rising prices for raw materials make it even more difficult to offer competitive products.

Intensifying research and development is one way to face the challenge: innovative technologies and products are competitive advantages that keep established companies ahead of their low-cost competitors. Penetrating new markets or market segments is another way to keep ahead of the game, as it helps compensate for losses in former core markets. Players from emerging markets can also be beaten if parts of the production process are relocated to Eastern Europe or Asia, as this makes it possible to significantly reduce costs.

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Our approach

Given the diversity of the electrical engineering industry, there is not just one "correct" approach to supporting our clients. Our projects cover a wide range of topics and solutions.

Roland Berger works in mixed teams that combine our functional knowledge with the industry expertise of our electrical engineering specialists. While focusing on growth or cost issues, we always keep the overall industry setting and market development in mind. We deliver tangible results and support our clients during implementation.

Our specific approaches include global footprint design, purchasing, innovation and sales-boosting programs. We develop tailored solutions: our clients include both European and non-Western companies expanding into the difficult and highly competitive European market.

Sample projects

Boosting revenues through export

An electric motor manufacturer was planning to export to Western Europe, Russia and the Middle East. With an in-depth market analysis, we identified promising countries, market segments and customers. We also set up sales targets and defined the necessary resources and investments. Together with the client, we shaped a concise export strategy and implemented reliable sales monitoring. Export revenues and profits rose significantly.

Entering the European market

An Asian client developed an energy-saving device for which Western European markets seemed attractive. But local legislation was a hurdle. A thorough market analysis allowed the client to specify the product's unique selling proposition. We set up a detailed business plan for each country that addressed the following questions: Should the product be imported or manufactured locally? Should it be sold or leased, and what would be a suitable price? We then provided our client with a detailed step-by-step action plan. This allowed the company to start doing business in Europe immediately.

Bringing inventories to benchmark level

A leading Eastern European cable and wire producer was looking for ways to reduce inventories. We identified areas that needed to be improved. An "inventory optimization manual" provided the client with the necessary internal and external benchmarks. Based on a detailed action plan, the company scaled its inventories down to benchmark level. Optimizing its working capital made cash available for direct reinvestment.

Our experts


Sebastien Amichi


Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 70394-282
E-mail: e-mail

Michel Jacob

Partner, Member of the GEC

Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 53670-936
E-mail: e-mail



Michael Alexander


Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 9230 - 8244
E-mail: e-mail

Jochen Gleisberg


Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 711 3275-7221
E-mail: e-mail

Thomas Rinn

Partner, Member of the GEC

Stuttgart, Germany
Phone: +49 711 3275-7349
E-mail: e-mail



Sven Siepen

Managing Partner Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 43 336-8670
E-mail: e-mail


United Kingdom

Tim Longstaff


London, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 20 3075 1100
E-mail: e-mail