Who we are

Roland Berger is an independent company, solely owned by our Partners, who are responsible for overall corporate performance and business success. Founded in 1967, Roland Berger remains the only leading global consultancy firm with non-Anglo-Saxon roots. We are German by origin, European by nature and global by ambition, including a strong footprint in Asia and other geographies where we feel that we can truly make an impact.

We have always strived to a different perspective in the field of consulting and business, and today we continue to constructively challenge standard patterns of thought and provide clients with new solutions to manage disruption and transformation.

Our entrepreneurial spirit has shaped our growth and fueled our outstanding achievements since the early days of the firm. In short, being a game changer is in our DNA. With more than 50 years of continuous growth behind us and 2,400 employees working in 35 countries, we are one of the leading players in global top-management consulting and have successful operations in all major international markets.

Through mutual trust and sustainable value added for our clients, we have become a longstanding advisor of major international industry and service companies as well as public institutions worldwide.

"We give honest guidance. Creating real value and seeing our clients succeed means everything to us."
Portrait of Stefan Schaible
Stefan Schaible
Senior Partner, Global Managing Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe
Generating business opportunities

Operating in a changing world

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. A technological and sociological revolution is under way, due to the acceleration of accessibility and adoption of new technologies but also due to the growing expectations of consumers for immediate and continuous availability of services.

  • Technology is becoming more and more affordable, enabling companies to produce and create at very low cost. Data is becoming the new oil of the economy.

  • Capital has become abundant, cheap and more easily transferrable. Transaction costs have reduced to below zero. Smart investment has become crucial.

As a consequence, the world has become globalized and flat, generating more business opportunities but also increased competition.

In this environment, forecasting has become almost impossible – change is no longer linear but exponential.

With these new paradigms, businesses need to prepare to face the uncertainty. They need to be ready and agile. Size and volume have been replaced as winning parameters by speed and flexibility; working through alliances has become key.

Value-adding services

Helping our clients to seize opportunities

For us, successful strategies are strategies that clients dare to implement and which address the need for change.

Roland Berger helps its clients to take decisions by exploring and proposing the best strategic options to face all kinds of changes (digital transformation, economic growth or downturn, disruption in traditional markets, changing environment and frameworks…). We are delivering tailored-made strategies and transformation plans.

Our three corporate values, Excellence, Entrepreneurship and Empathy, are the foundation of our value proposition to our clients which ranges from the analysis to the implementation. At Roland Berger, we get things done.

Know-how, technology, capital

We deliver end to end solutions

We mobilize the best and talented people, from our teams but also from our partnering organizations, to deliver end to end solutions addressing any client need, ranging from knowledge to technology and capital.

  • Know-how through the development of new concepts, new offers, new leadership and business models.

  • Technology through our platform of technology and digital partners, Terra Numerata™, in order to bring the best capabilities to our clients and help companies to cope with disruptive technologies.

  • Capital through the creation of future and new services around some asset classes and investment-related business involving investors and financiers in strategic considerations.

Our approach to consulting

Brilliant minds and winning personalities

Based on the real conviction that strategies require tailor-made solutions, Roland Berger has defined its own way to support clients in their operational and strategic issues, a European way focused on people and their ability to make change happen.

Our strategies are developed to support the interest of all the stakeholders (clients, communities, employees, management, government, suppliers and shareholders) and not the sole interest of the shareholders.

Our approach relies on talents, inspirational leaders, and spirit much more than conceptual frameworks. We build on our diversity – with regards to education, careers, skills, expertise and personality.

At Roland Berger, we offer brilliant minds and winning personalities our clients can rely on to meet their specific challenges. We handpick interdisciplinary teams to develop the best solutions and unbiased advice. Our consultants are top graduates from the world's best universities, with a strong commitment to our corporate values. We combine sound analysis with creative strategies that generate real and sustainable value for our clients.

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