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Portrait of Axelle Lemaire
Partner, Global Head of Terra Numerata
Paris Office, Western Europe
Connecting digital communities

Smart start-up meets old economy key player

Digitalization is creating and destroying business models faster than ever. As optimists, we believe that the world follows an exponential growth path of digital options. The whole truth, however, is that with the dynamics so immense and the time to react always getting shorter, the danger of being left behind by the competition is bigger than ever before. Disruption is rarely the consequence of a single, i.e. manageable trend, but the compound effect of new possibilities and challenges.

"Terra Numerata links Europe with the high-tech hubs in Palo Alto, Shenzhen and Shanghai."
Portrait of Axelle Lemaire
Partner, Global Head of Terra Numerata
Paris Office, Western Europe

Digitalization is one such critical challenge, threatening incumbent players on their offers, their clients, but also their historical revenue generating activities. Organizations need to adopt a start-up mindset. It is about balancing traditional and new approaches, it means questioning traditional success factors: think big, test small, act fast; be open minded and agile. It requires more than "ticking the box": cultural change is harder than implementing technology.

Succeeding in a digital world requires to combine three main domains of expertise: technology, business view and client focus. How do companies cope?

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Boosting innovation

We help create disruptive businesses

Let's take a look at Europe and compare it to the US and Asia. In the wake of digitalization, European start-ups are gaining visibility. Berlin is the biggest winner in the top 10 of digital global ecosystems according to a study by Roland Berger. We believe that the foundations of today's start-ups are far more solid than those dating back to the early 2000s. Digitalization encompasses more than technology: As Roland Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée indicates, "The power of software is no longer what sets innovations apart," adding, "Linking intelligence and data is what makes winners."

To make this happen, Roland Berger launched an initiative to unite the smartest brains of the new economy with the key players of the old: This is Terra Numerata™, an open platform with global reach, bringing together the best-in-class digital players to offer the widest digital services and leverage strengths for digital transformation. In the meantime Terra Numerata™ has grown into a global network of more than 40 partners today, including startups, accelerators, incubators, investors, data scientists, design thinking agencies, prototypers, developers, IoT experts, communication agencies, digital communities, recruiters, giving a unique access to startups and communities.

Cracking the code
A new approach

Collaboration and co-creation beyond consulting

In an exponential world, mastering the digital transformation in-house is all but impossible. The skills required come from a range of disciplines and are seldom found under one roof.

Terra Numerata™ unites those skills scattered across the continents, and it connects the fragmented digital company environment, to provide companies with the best of the digital world. In this sense, it aims to link Europe with the high-tech hubs in Palo Alto, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Combined with Roland Berger international network of experts and extensive knowledge of end markets, Terra Numerata™ brings the best of the different worlds: sectorial and functional expertise plus connection to digital communities. This alliance meets the key expectations of corporate as well as start-up players. It is open for collaboration and co-creation between partners, focused on making the digital transformation happen.

Terra Numerata™ and Roland Berger tackle key stakes of digital transformation: from internal efficiency, revenues and a sustainable value proposition, to new disruptive business models.

Digital expansion

Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, Detroit

Within the Terra Numerata™ network, Roland Berger supports digital initiatives designed to underpin digital ecosystem:

  • In Berlin-Kreuzberg, we have a joint cooperation with Visa Europe: the SPIELFELD digital innovation hub, founded in 2015. In keeping with the digital mind set, it fosters an atmosphere of innovation including start-up pitches, networking events, and coaching sessions. In a unique collaborative approach everyone learns from anyone at Spielfeld. It is all about agility and the hunger for the new. Consulting and execution expertise from thousands of projects across the globe is available at Spielfeld at any time.

  • International ventures fund is also part of Terra Numerata™ and collaborates with Roland Berger to offer learning journeys, trend radars on the most innovative trends, and business model disruption sessions with start-ups.
  • In Paris, Roland Berger is collaborating with NUMA, a start-up incubator and accelerator, one of the key reference points of the digital environment in France. We offer Digital Labs, prototype development, innovation workshops, launch of innovative start-ups with disruptive business models.
  • Recently, media company Groupe Les Echos, Le Parisien and Roland Berger have been linking up to offer services for equity, a model which has already been a success, particularly in Germany and Scandinavia. In exchange for shares in their capital, start-ups enjoy the opportunity to strengthen their visibility, to benefit from bespoke strategic support, and to access an international network of potential customers, partners and investors.
  • In Lisbon, the collaboration between Startup Lisboa and Roland Berger is streamlining the access of industry incumbents from banking, insurance, specialized retail and healthcare sectors to disruptive and fast-growth solutions. The partnership is not limited to the Portuguese market.
  • In the US, Roland Berger collaborates with Wind River, a global leader in delivering software for the Internet of Things (IoT), to offer a robust portfolio of automotive consulting covering the full range of strategic, business, technology, and developmental requirements for automotive customers. Wind River provides software management and engineering support, Roland Berger delivers market insights, trend and business analyses to design innovative business models.

Throughout the globe Terra Numerata™ network supports the growth of both traditional players and start-ups with customized approaches and partners for digital expansion.

"Let's go ahead together. Let's collaborate and co-develop. Let's lift the treasures of the digital world": that’s the basic idea of our digital activities. Join us!

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Portrait of Axelle Lemaire
Partner, Global Head of Terra Numerata
Paris Office, Western Europe