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24 septembre 2018

Spielfeld Digital Hub: Discovering the Future

Spielfeld Digital Hub: Discovering the Future

Over the course of the past decade or two, digital transformation has seriously changed the way we shop. Life with its increasing focus on virtual worlds has become the new shopping window and for traditional retailers it is time to re-think stationary shopping.

Since the launch of Spielfeld Digital Hub in 2016 we have produced and hosted more than 600 events, addressing topics that disrupt industries, re-define business models and change the competitive landscape.

In order to curate discussions around the future of retail we hosted a conference bringing together 120 leading retailers and innovators to jointly discuss, explore and execute new opportunities in the digital era.

New mindset required

Referring to a new omni-channel study by our Consumer Goods & Retail competence center on German-speaking markets in Europe, Richard Federowski pointed out that it was vital for today's retailers to orchestrate a perfectly tailored customer experience and engagement based on a comprehensive understanding of customer lifestyles, behaviors and needs.

It soon became apparent that the retail experts present did not expect offline retail to disappear as a result of the digital retail transformation, although the transformation would require stationary retailers to develop a totally new mindset. As Rouven Steibli, Director Collaboration at the VISA Co-Creation Center in Berlin, put it, "Bad retail is dead".

Introducing Spielfeld's and VISA's Retail Lab

Steibli is head of VISA's brand-new "Retail Experience Lab" now located at Spielfeld Digital Hub. The retail lab at Spielfeld serves as an innovation platform that makes the future of the retail market tangible, allowing companies to experience the power of new technologies and to develop an omni-channel strategy. We are partnering with leading tech startups across Europe, Israel, Asia and US to showcase the latest developments and seamless customer journeys.

"Offline is curated online"

Online eyewear store Mister Spex has found a best-practice approach to bringing the online and offline world together. According to Managing Director Mirko Caspar, the firm has synchronized online and offline channels in all areas – from product range and look to processes. "People visiting our stores actually buy online. What we practice is "betreutes Online" ('curated online')," he said.

In another inspiring talk, Antonia Wälzholz (Industry Head Retail at Google Germany) explained that "today's customers are demanding, curious, impatient and lazy," and that big data and machine learning were already in the process of changing the retail landscape for good. As a consequence, retailers must remain on their toes, said Willy Örgel, former CEO of premium fashion retailer Breuninger. "Online will continue to grow and shape consumer behavior. Cut-throat competition will result in a shakeout. We need to stay relevant for our customers. Standing still is not an option."

Spielfeld Digital Hub as place to discover & discuss new topics

Our philosophy at Spielfeld is to be at the forefront of innovation and be connected to the frontrunners. We rely on Spielfeld's Innovator Network to practically share knowledge of start-ups and thought leaders. Thus we create credibility and a platform to connect with our clients in an inspiring environment.

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