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Private equity update 2016

Portrait of Olivier de Panafieu
Senior Partner, Co-Managing Partner Paris Office
Paris Office, Western Europe
+33 1 5367-0908
9 gennaio 2017

Roland Berger supported 77 signed M&A/refinancing transactions in Europe & North America in 2016.

The Roland Berger Investor Support team comprises about two hundred consultants worldwide and provides Target Screening, Buy side and Sell side Due Diligence and Post-Acquisition services to corporate and private equity investors, leveraging on Roland Berger’s expertise in all industry sectors.


Private equity update 2016


77 signed M&A/refinancing transactions supported in Europe & North America by Roland Berger in 2016

Published January 2017. Available in
Portrait of Anand Raghavan
Managing Partner United Kingdom
London Office, Western Europe
+44 20 3075-1100
Portrait of Konrad Gruda
Executive Advisor
Warsaw Office, Central Europe
+48 60136-4303
Portrait of Grégoire Tondreau
Partner, Managing Partner Belgium
Brussels Office, Western Europe
+32 2 6610-389
Portrait of Jan Beckeman
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Nordics
Stockholm Office, Northern Europe
+46 8 410438-91
Portrait of Patrick Biecheler
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Spain
Paris Office, Western Europe
+33 1 5367-0902
Portrait of Alexis Gardy
Senior Advisor
Montréal Office, North America
+1 514 87-5200-0213
Portrait of Christof Huth
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe
+49 89 9230-8291
Portrait of Stephan Keese
Senior Partner
Chicago Office, North America
+1 312 662-5500
Portrait of Sven Kleindienst
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe
+49 89 9230-8539
Portrait of Andrea Marinoni
Senior Partner, Managing Partner Italy
Milan Office, Southern Europe
+39 02 2950-1291
Portrait of David van der Does
Senior Partner
Amsterdam Office, Western Europe
+31 20 7960-600
Portrait of Sascha Haghani
Senior Partner, Member of the Global Executive Commitee, CEO Germany and DACH Region
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe
+49 69 29924-6444
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