Your path to tomorrow, today

Think:Act Magazine "Own the future"
Your path to tomorrow, today

Portrait of Think:Act Magazine
Think:Act Magazine
ワルシャワオフィス, Central Europe

Manage the Present - Own the Future

The complexity of our times is an all-consuming pursuit demanding all of our attention. Anything less than 100% won't do, it seems. But there's a problem in only focusing on the short-term. It leaves you completely unprepared for the future. And the reverse is also true: an exclusive focus on the long-term means scant attention to opportunities as well as threats in the short run. Is there a magical way to do both – manage the complexities of the present while also keeping your eye on the wider horizon? Are there any strategies you can use to prepare your organization for future storms without overlooking what is happening right in front of you in this present moment? In this issue of Think:Act magazine, we provide you with useful strategies that will help your organization stay relevant both in the present as well as in the far future.

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  • The rise and fall of China's bike-sharing startups
  • Inside the simulation that takes us closer to Mars
  • Masayoshi Son and the extraordinary vision behind Vision Fund
  • The impatience crisis needs a management strategy
  • Football has a lot to teach business
  • Hyperloop is shaking up more than transportation
  • Just how global is the world?
  • Clayton Christensen and the evolution of an innovation guru
  • Looking at the future of urban air mobility
  • Steven Pinker on revisiting the Enlightenment ideals

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Think:Act Magazine "Future"
Think:Act Magazine

Your path to tomorrow, today


The actions of the present lay the foundations for the future. What does this saying mean in turbulent times? Consider a mix of solidity and flexibility!

Published July 2019. Available in
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Portrait of Think:Act Magazine
Think:Act Magazine
ワルシャワオフィス, Central Europe
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