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Executive Communications

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Competitive edge

Boosting your strategy

With years of experience working on international projects, we understand that not all strategies are created equal—and we know what factors make the difference. The right strategy gives you a decisive competitive edge, and our experts can turn a good strategy into a great one.

With a focus on business development, corporate transformation, performance programs, post-merger integration, and crisis management, our team can help you keep pace with changing demands by identifying new business models, comprehensive digital strategies, or smart approaches to stakeholder management.

Your corporate strategy is your company’s vision put into effect. It forms the backbone of your competitive edge, helping you build an agile and high-performing organization.

Keeping your strategy up-to-date is the best insurance against the uncertainty and volatility that today's companies often face—whether you aim to increase performance, prevent a takeover, build an alliance, prepare for a market turndown, or achieve sustainable growth in the global marketplace.

We at Roland Berger support our clients keeping the own strategy up to date
We at Roland Berger support our clients keeping the own strategy up to date


A robust and viable strategy must address the future as well as the present, and digitization is one of today’s biggest challenges. Being able to effectively respond to a changing business environment means mastering growth, risk management, and efficiency gains. By utilizing strategy audits and scenario planning techniques, we enable our clients to achieve an indispensable overview, put the current strategy process to the test, and explore new options.

Our strategy consultants have a deep understanding of their fields of expertise, and they know how to apply that knowledge to your business. We are there to support and guide you through every step of the strategy process, from analytics and scenario planning to implementation.

Scenario Planning

No one can see into the future with certainty, but combining our sound understanding of megatrends with our scenario planning services, we help you do everything possible to prepare for it.

As early as 2009, Roland Berger formalized a long standing successful relationship with HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management by co-founding the Center for Strategy and Scenario Planning. HHL and Roland Berger have been collaborating on scenario planning for many years, and the Center embodies the synergies that result from bringing together internationally renowned experts in the fields of strategic management and planning from both academia and practice. We apply the scenario approach collaboratively with our clients. Based on HHL's experience in teaching strategic management and our experience in advising corporate clients around the world, we have developed innovative scenario tools that support our unique six step scenario approach.

It is tailored to the needs of top management, delivering outcomes that are rooted in solid business understanding and data, taking into account individual perspectives and the experience of each company. It permits unambiguous statements to be made about the most important factors influencing the object of analysis, like an industry, a region or a technology, and the scenarios built on these influencing factors.

Our experts understand the ins and outs of both public relations and corporate affairs
Our experts understand the ins and outs of both public relations and corporate affairs

Executive Communications

Corporate strategies are increasingly under pressure from stakeholders in today’s connected world. Now more than ever, success is a matter of perception and not just performance.

Your company and its managers are evaluated in a public domain that places a premium on transparency, openness and corporate responsibility, and those public opinions can have very real ramifications. To ensure that your strategic agenda translates into the right image, careful consideration needs to be given to the messages you send into the public arena.

Content Campaigning

Messages that hit their target

In today's attention economy, fewer and fewer organizations actually manage to penetrate their target groups with the issues they want to communicate. Most messages are left unheard – or fail to reach the intended recipients in the first place. On behalf of companies, associations and government ministries, we develop study campaigns centered on exciting content and new insights that are both extremely relevant and right up to date. Here are just three examples of our "content campaigning" consulting services:

The Internet Economy Foundation (IE.F), a leading organization in the German digital economy, collaborated with Roland Berger Executive Communications to launch a journalistic offensive – with resounding success. Position papers and studies on the digital transformation and the platform economy have opened all kinds of doors in Berlin and Brussels. As a result, the topics addressed by this campaign – "growth capital for start-ups", "regulating platforms that dominate the market" and "digitization for the people" – today figure very highly on political agendas. One key success factor is linking a profound knowledge of the relevant issues to solid expertise in communication: a combination that only Roland Berger masters in this form, and that makes the resultant publications required reading for political decision-makers.

Commissioned by the Federation of German Industries (BDI), Roland Berger Executive Communications worked with the Digital Competence Center to paint both a positive and a negative scenario illustrating how the digital transformation is affecting seven different branches of industry in Germany and Europe. The findings were linked to more in-depth analysis and an urgent call to action. The outcome? The study issued a wake-up call to all BDI members, raising their awareness of the need for greater digital maturity as they compete with other global players.

Third, Roland Berger Executive Communications walked the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI) through production of the "White Paper on Digital Platforms". Following a broad-based consultation and dialogue process, this publication responded to the global advance of US platforms by, for the first time, formulating a set of guidelines for a fair Internet economy and smart digital regulation policy. An eye-catching presentation of the White Paper by Secretary of State Matthias Machnig gave the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs further visibility as an agenda-setter for and driving force behind the digitization process.

Roland Berger Executive Communications has produced comparable series of publications and studies for other companies, associations and organizations, including the Atlantik-Brücke.

Digital Change

Fit for the future

Digitization is changing everything. Who will your competitors be tomorrow? Can your business model survive, or are you in danger of being disrupted? How should you respond to new strategic challenges? Where are new markets – and secure jobs – taking shape? These are the questions that concern the corporate community, politics and industry associations alike.

As a thought leader that both enables and accompanies the digital transformation, Roland Berger Executive Communications helps companies in automotive engineering – to take just one example – to reorganize themselves and ensure that necessary changes in the way they think and act filter down to the farthest reaches of the organization. Broad-based communication campaigns are used to achieve this goal. Transformation programs planned and implemented by Roland Berger successfully highlight where change is needed, get the workforce enthusiastically on board and bring about genuine change in patterns of behavior. In helping you drive the digital transformation, we work hand in hand with our own industry experts to give you the benefit of 360-degree support from a single source.

We don't restrict our support only to traditional industrial enterprises, however. Acting on behalf of Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Federation of German Industries (BDI), we have developed comprehensive plans of action showing how the political echelons must respond to the triumphal march of the Internet economy and new digital players. In this context, we were also involved in producing ground-breaking studies such as the "White Paper on Digital Platforms" (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs) and "The Digital Transformation of Industry" (BDI).

Communications and corporate strategy must be intertwined to deliver clear and consistent statements that satisfy a growing appetite for the participation of internal and external stakeholders as well as contribute to building public consent. After studying the trends and analyzing specific cases, our experts understand the ins and outs of both public relations and corporate affairs.

Conceptual frameworks like our proprietary Perception Value Management (PVM) approach can help you avoid communications issues and crises that may not only have costly implications, but the potential to shatter your corporate strategy.

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Portrait of Torsten Oltmanns
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