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Private Equity Biannual Update 2018

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19 июля 2018 г.

Rising number of transactions in US and China

The newest Roland Berger Private Equity Biannual Update covers 51 M&A and refinancing transactions successfully supported by Roland Berger in the first half of 2018.

Most deals in Europe – now pushing into the US and China

As in previous years, one third of all transactions were executed for the sell-side and two thirds for the buy-side. Presence was far-reaching across the European nations, but extended into the US and China as well. The largest markets were again the German-speaking region and France, with shares of around 20 percent each. Most transactions were performed by multinational Roland Berger teams, which clearly demonstrates a strong capability for international deals with high complexity.

Focus on mid and large-caps

With regard to industry focus, a very large share of the transactions were closed for companies in the Industrial and Technology sector, followed by Automation and Digitalization, as well as Health Care – with a particular focus both on mid-cap transactions as well as on large-cap targets.

The Roland Berger Investor Support team comprises more than two hundred consultants worldwide and provides target screening, buy-side and sell-side commercial and operational due diligences, as well as post-acquisition services to private equity and corporate investors. The Roland Berger Private Equity Biannual Update is published in July for the first half year and in January for the full past year.

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Private Equity Biannual Update 2018


In the first half of 2018, Roland Berger completed 51 M&A/refinancing transactions worldwide. Get the full overview with our Private Equity Biannual Update 2018.

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