Europe is facing one of the darkest hours since the end of the Second World War, as the Russian regime is waging war against Ukraine. This is an unprecedented act of aggression in Europe since 1945 aimed at attacking fundamental human rights, the value of freedom, and the respect for territorial sovereignty.

Roland Berger and our employees stand in full solidarity with all the people of Ukraine. Our employees in several office locations are engaging in actions to provide support in this terrible humanitarian crisis. As an employer, we are focused on supporting and relocating our Ukrainian colleagues and their families.

President Putin's war cannot go without consequences for business. Therefore, we decided on March 1st to end any activity for Russian clients.

Московский офис

Чистопрудный бульвар, д. 17. стр. 1
101000 Москва
Тел.: +7 495 225-7645
Факс: +7 495 287-9247
Эл. почта:
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Portrait of Мария Михайленко
Senior Partner, Управляющий партнер по России
Московский офис, Россия
+74 95 2257-645
Portrait of Vladimir Bulat
Московский офис, Россия
+74 95 225 7645
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