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Israel's automotive & smart mobility industry

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Over the last two decades there has been a significant increase in the number of Israeli startups and companies operating in areas such as the shared mobility economy, fleet management, Big Data for transportation, connected vehicles, autonomous driving and electric mobility. Over 420 startups are operating in these fields as of today, while industry interest has been growing and investment in the Israeli smart mobility sector reached USD 1.6 billion over the last four years.

Object recognition and tracking for advanced driver assistant systems, or mobility behavior projections for shared ride services - these are precisely the fields where Israel has developed competences in the past, often targeting military defense applications or Big Data applications for intelligence services. These competences are highly relevant for the future, and they are accessible to a large share of Israel's highly skilled workforce.

Global venture capitalists have become aware of the potential of Israel's technology and IT startup scene and are increasingly investing in the region.

To gain a firm understanding of the industry, we conducted a firsthand analysis of the Israeli smart mobility industry, including looking at input from the Fuel Choices Initiative. We also held on-site meetings with companies, accelerators, venture capitalists and other industry leaders.

The objective of this report is to provide global stakeholders with a professional analysis of the potential and opportunities created by the Israeli smart mobility industry.


Israel's automotive & smart mobility industry


Electrified, autonomous & smart

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