Portrait of Robert Henske
Senior Partner, Supervisory Board Chairman
Boston Office, North America
Complex environment

Numerous opportunities

Slowing growth, consolidating consuming markets, product commoditization, shortening product life cycles, shale gas, potential digital disruption. These are just a subset of the issues facing the global chemicals industry. Serving nearly every sector of the global economy, the chemicals industry is extraordinarily complex even in "normal" times.

Today, while the challenges are high, opportunities are immense. Over the last three years, Roland Berger's Winners Analysis has identified chemical companies demonstrating returns on capital ranging from well below zero to above 15%, with growth ranging from well below zero to over 40% per year. There is clearly room for substantial value creation should one truly understand the strategic value drivers and best practices for execution.

At Roland Berger, we support chemical companies, private equity firms and industry associations in all aspects regarding the increase of company value – from strategic direction to performance improvement. Our global chemicals team conducts over one hundred engagements per year in the chemicals industry. We bring sector expertise across the petrochemicals, polymers, and the diverse specialties sectors as well as in agrochemicals, fertilizers and biologics.

Our service

Our well-proven tools

Our teams understand your issues, work side-by-side with your team and offer pragmatic advice and insight. With our representation in 36 countries, including all major chemicals production and consuming regions, we can serve you seamlessly around the world. We can help company management to:

  • Develop organic growth strategies based on a true understanding of a firm's capabilities married with a robust view of future industry scenarios
  • Execute inorganic growth plans, including target identification, due diligence and post-merger integration
  • Get the most out of existing assets via Commercial Excellence, Procurement and Supply Chain management , Capital Project execution, Organizational Design and Effectiveness and Complexity Reduction
  • Leverage innovation for competitive advantage, both in traditional chemistry as well as across the rapidly growing field of digitization

We help you better lead your business

We regularly produce insightful analyses aimed at providing chemicals industry management with an outside perspective of best practices and ideas for realizing exceptional value creation.

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Senior Partner, Supervisory Board Chairman
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Portrait of Robert Henske
Senior Partner, Supervisory Board Chairman
Boston Office, North America