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Ideas Shaping the World of Business

Your window into the ideas shaping the world of business

Think:Act is Roland Berger’s award-winning magazine that helps senior executives navigate the choppy waters of our fast changing business environment. The magazine chronicles the big shifts happening in the world and their impact on organizations, identifies current and upcoming trends in business and offers a deep dive into the latest management ideas.

It does this through thought-provoking articles and exclusive interviews with thought leaders and the movers and shakers of the world of business. The magazine features an eclectic mix of articles that take a lively approach to storytelling. The magazine has a unique and unorthodox design format that has won many accolades. It was one of the first magazines to be inducted into the "BCM Hall of Fame", after it had won Europe's biggest content marketing award three years in a row.

First published in 2004, Think:Act reaches around 30,000 select senior executives and decision-makers in the fields of business, politics and media around the world. Think:Act is published in English, German and Chinese.

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Think:Act Magazine
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