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Office life

Our unique culture

Fridays are when most of us return to the office after being away on-site all week. We hold regular meetings across the office, where we discuss recent business developments, exchange news and best practices, along with less formal matters, such as get-togethers.

Every office has its own 'traditions'. Fridays involve office lunches, after-work drinks and similar perks…it's a particularly fun day. Some offices have initiated sports or cultural clubs. Bring your ideas, drive and passion and help shape office life. Be part of our DNA!

Diversity is key to our success

'Diversity' is often thrown around – a quick fix buzzword. Not here. We've been fundamentally diverse right from the start, active in cultures, languages and markets across the globe. This is due to Roland Berger's uniquely European origins – unparalleled in a consultancy firm of this size.

Great ideas and new perspectives are inspired by diverse teams from a variety of backgrounds, enriching us with new insights, interests and ways of looking at things.



You may be advising on future trends in augmented reality, establishing an entirely new economic zone, or developing pipelines or an international airport. These are ventures at the forefront of business. No two days are the same. Every situation is different and each client unique. Just like you.

Open minded teams integrating people with diverse talent, nationalities, genders, religious or sexual orientations are key for our success. At Roland Berger, we foster an environment of respect where all colleagues feel welcome and accepted how they are.

Our LGBT network "Just be" is a global and caring community for LGBT* colleagues to facilitate professional exchange and mentoring. It connects colleagues from all offices around the world and is a forum to discuss questions and concerns. If you have any questions, our HR colleagues would be pleased to establish a contact to a member of our LGBT network. We will of course handle your request with utmost confidentiality. Be authentic. Just be.


Tailored to your needs

'Work' and 'life' aren't two neat concepts to be determined just like that. The reality is more intertwined and subtle. Yes, it's true: consultants work hard and often long hours. They also find their work highly stimulating and fulfilling.

We want you to be happy here. Long-term. That means growing with you and supporting your needs. We can find a solution together for your changing needs, be it a sabbatical or flexible work schedule. Let's talk.

Balanced life and work
Balanced life and work

You have big plans. We admire that and value it. It's what makes you a rich, engaging person to be around. You want to travel, commit to volunteer work, learn a new skill or put yourself through a new challenge. We can offer you a one to six month sabbatical. Let us support your dreams.

Portrait of Alexi Spyrou, London office
Alexi Spyrou, London office
After my Roland Berger-supported social fellowship in Guatemala, where I helped out at a school for disabled children, I took a three-month sabbatical to explore the world in more detail than I had ever done before. This allowed me to travel to a handful of other breathtaking countries in Central and South America (Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru) before driving around 20+ states across the USA in a camper van, North Africa (Morocco) and lastly South East Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia). It was a truly unforgettable period: Breathtaking experiences, heart-stopping sights and new friends for life. I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity by Roland Berger!
Part-time and home office

Many of our employees work part-time, across all levels of the company. We want to offer you flexibility, so that you remain happy here, long-term. Part-time work is a great solution, especially if you have a family. If you are not onsite, you can also work from home. Come and talk to us and we'll find a routine that works.

Corporate responsibility
Social commitment - more than words

Our success depends on developing the individual, which we believe extends beyond the organization itself. We believe in ideas that have a wider social impact. Our colleagues are key to our charitable work. We'll support your volunteer initiatives, helping you develop your network and reach, as well as providing you with expertise.

We can also donate time. Whether you're involved in local projects or developmental aid further afield, come and speak to us about our social fellowship programs and sabbaticals.

Portrait of Verena Reichl, Munich office
Verena Reichl, Munich office
I've been a volunteer at Year of Care, a tutoring project at a school in Munich for over three years. The initiative is a collaboration between Roland Berger and ghettokids e.V., a non-profit organization for disadvantaged children and young people in Munich.

I tutor students in math, German and history. It's rewarding to see the kids' sense of achievement when they learn something new. I enjoy giving back and it offers me a new perspective, too.

I wouldn't have been able to do it without Roland Berger supporting and believing in me. The company's commitment to corporate volunteering means a lot to me.
Portrait of Daniel Tao, Boston office
Daniel Tao, Boston office
Regularly volunteering at homeless shelters, I couldn't have been more excited when we partnered with Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. Their annual "Sox for Socks" campaign challenges corporations to collect new white socks for the homeless community. Inspired by the leadership team to think big, we designed custom Roland Berger socks – for every pair purchased, the proceeds funded ten new pairs to be donated. I am proud to be part of an organization that not only supports, but empowers creative and entrepreneurial ways to make a difference in our local communities.
Roland Berger Foundation

Social commitment is one of our establishing principles. Our founder launched the Roland Berger Foundation , which actively campaigns for human rights and equal opportunities in education.

Roland Berger Sports

Foster the spirit

Teamwork, having fun together, staying healthy. Our sports program is fun, varied and exotic. We hold beach volleyball competitions, for example – a relaxed, informal way to spend time with your colleagues from all over the world in a beautiful setting.

Our soccer teams are pretty impressive, too, competing locally and even internationally. Of course, there are more everyday fitness options. We offer reduced-rate gym membership in some cities and many of our offices have in-house studios or sports clubs.

Doing sports, having fun together.
Doing sports, having fun together.
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