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accompanied on your path.

Be accompanied on your path.

Your Journey

Your career development at Roland Berger

We believe that sustained success is built on understanding, respecting and developing the individual. On enhancing your talents and helping you develop your potential. This means providing trust and support. This means placing the power to progress exactly where it should be: with you.

Your onboarding

The first 100 days

A new work place, a new environment and not a clue? Not with us! We want you to feel good in your new role as a consultant as fast as possible. Here's what to expect from your first 100 days at Roland Berger.

Kickoff Training

Starting out
We organize Kickoff Training several times a year. You'll join new colleagues from offices worldwide, spending two weeks preparing for your new responsibilities. You'll attend workshops, lectures, case studies and team exercises, learning new tools and methods.

You'll be forming new friendships with colleagues across the Roland Berger network – relationships that will last you far beyond your first two weeks.

Your first project

We believe in training on the job. It's the fastest way to learn and we know you're keen to take on responsibility. We'll provide you with the background information on projects and clients to get you up to speed. Your new colleagues will be there to support you, too.

Your new life

Taking off
Depending on your office location, four days a week are typically spent in different cities, working alongside your clients. Before long, these new cities start to feel like home. You spend evenings discovering restaurants and bars with your colleagues, or going for a run together. You usually spend Fridays in your home office, touching base with your team back at Roland Berger.

You’ve relaxed into your role. You have a close relationship with your clients and presenting to them is becoming second nature.
You’re invaluable to your team. Your Project Manager coaches you directly on the job and on your current project. A Partner or Principal mentors you. Together, you’re building the next stages or your personal and professional development.
Your first evaluation is behind you. Congratulations! We knew you’d do it.

Your development

You do you

It's important you feel good here. Happy, supported, confident. That's how you produce the best results, long-term. Thus, training and development are not an afterthought. They're the route to everything you can be.

Life is about learning
Life is about learning

Learning as a lifestyle
There are no challenges that cannot be solved. Often, the solution involves education, communication and teamwork.

What are the most effective and current models for hosting a workshop? How do I resolve conflict? How to refine my presentation skills? With access to an ever-developing program of over 50 seminars, featuring leading speakers, respected academics and the best coaches, you'll find the solution you're looking for, whatever the issue. Together, we'll take your skillset to the next level.

Going global

International and interconnected
Our fifty locations worldwide are your fifty locations worldwide. Your potential new homes, your opportunities for new perspectives and experiences. Whether as part of an international project or just because faraway places excite you, our offices are 50 opportunities to work in another country. To broaden your horizons and strengthen the interaction within the Roland Berger network, we encourage international project tasks and global assignment programs. Swap your desk in Moscow or Munich for a few months or years in an office in Chicago or Amsterdam, for example. You can assist a client in London or support the development of new markets – perhaps in the Middle East or Southeast Asia.

MBA Program

Exceptional development
MBAs are one of the best way to grow. If you see yourself completing an MBA at a top university, we'll help you. We'll assist your application and provide you with time off and financial support. You'll learn alongside some of the world's top business talent and return with fresh ideas, new tools, an international network and an entirely new perspective.

Experience Report
Portrait of Frederique van der Westerlaken, Amsterdam office
Frederique van der Westerlaken, Amsterdam office
The opportunities and dynamics of Roland Berger and an MBA are very similar: it provides the chance to learn at a fast pace in diverse teams, it is an entrepreneurial environment, it offers international opportunities and above all, it is a lot of fun! Since I started at Roland Berger, I knew I wanted to do an MBA. After almost 3 years at Roland Berger, I enrolled for an MBA at INSEAD.

An MBA is the perfect opportunity to explore new things. During the 10-month program, I followed many different courses from the basics of AI to business psychology and customer behavior. At the same time, I got the opportunity to work with my study group on a strategy for a MedTech company treating clubfoot in the Philippines and worked on various investment projects for private equity parties. The professional opportunities are very enriching, but the most valuable aspect of the MBA is the group of unique and talented people you meet.

Apart from the financial sponsorship I received from Roland Berger, I really appreciate how the company supported me throughout the process. As a lot of colleagues did MBAs before me, they guided me in choosing a business school, proof-read my application essays and helped getting the required recommendations. It provided me with an experience I would not want to have missed and a lot of new energy to pursue my consulting career!
Challenge Club

The uniquely skilled
You've achieved outstanding results, even by Roland Berger's high standards. Welcome to our Challenge Club. This is where we bring our very top talent together in a relaxed, supportive environment. You'll have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and partake in top-level training and individual coaching.

Experience Report
Portrait of Solange Clement, Brussels office
Solange Clement, Brussels office
When I received the invitation to join the Challenge Club, I really didn't expect to get so much out of it! Being a member of the Challenge Club is an exceptional opportunity to develop your leadership skills, to get to know yourself as a future leader but also to develop and maintain your network within the company.
The trainings are focused on our personal development & journey and are delivered by high quality trainers with off the beaten path methods! Exchanges with the management team are foreseen and allow us to co-construct.
In addition to this, the Challenge Club allows us to travel and discover great destinations such as The Workstation Village near Turin, or Cascais, just outside Lisbon.
For all these reasons, I am very lucky to be part of the Challenge Club!

Let's stay connected

Once you are part of our team, that bond doesn't break. Our alumni extend internationally. Former consultants now hold positions as CEOs and board members or have launched successful business ventures. We're entrepreneurs, after all.

Through our alumni network, we socialize, share expertise, foresight and discoveries, becoming deeper and broader. Let's build relationships and new ventures together. Let's stay connected .

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