Sustainability commitment

Sustainability commitment

Acting now: Sustainability at Roland Berger

The world is showing us: It is time to act and accelerate change. In light of a more volatile world than ever, with climate crisis and the struggle to reduce consumption of resources, especially carbon-based energy, good judgment and bold decisions are needed. All stakeholders and especially businesses must unite and cooperate if we are to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement. As strategy consultants, we have a big part to play: We are helping businesses and organizations across all sectors and industries to open up pathways to competitiveness in a decarbonized future.

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Our ESG strategy

With our ESG strategy (Environment, Social and Governance), we have set cornerstones for our sustainable growth ambitions and contribution to the challenges of our time. Our focus lies in four main areas of impact: Empowered People , Climate Action and Circularity , Partner to Clients and Society and Responsible Business Practices.

Explore our ESG report to get a better understanding of how Roland Berger addresses environmental, social and governance topics.

Our material topics

We identified, refined and assessed potential environmental, social and governance topics to guide the development of our ESG strategy. Having a deep understanding of the ESG topics that matter most to our clients, our people and to us as an organization is a prerequisite to deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders. We consolidated the results of this meticulous process, our 17 material topics, in our four areas of impact and made them tangible in our materiality matrix.

The perspective of our stakeholders

At Roland Berger, the ideas and opinions of our stakeholders matter. It is critical for us to include their perspective on sustainability in our ESG process, which is why we asked internal and external stakeholders about their view on our material topics. That way, we can establish whether our strategic view fits their perception and approach the topic in a holistic way.

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