M&A / Financial Advisory

M&A / Financial Advisory

Driving value through professional transactions and M&A advisory

Successful transactions are a core component of entrepreneurial value creation. Roland Berger has its own practice for corporate sales and mergers and acquisitions, also covering related investment banking issues such as financing and capital structure advisory. Our M&A consulting experts have supported more than 250 successful transactions and financial advisory deals over the last ten years, many of them cross-border.

Our specialized consultants help companies worldwide to understand the essence of value creation through transactions, offering guidance on how to maximize the selling price and make better investment and portfolio decisions. We are a leading strategic consultancy for all issues relating to both the sell-side and the buy-side of company sales and acquisitions. We advise industrial companies on the sale of non-core assets as well as carve-outs , or the divestment of subsidiaries for strategic reasons. In addition, we support family businesses with their sale in succession situations and advise private equity investors on the sale of portfolio companies. Our advisory service portfolio also includes distressed M&A, supporting insolvency administrators, trustees and creditors in the sale of companies in special situations.

"We help companies to understand the connections behind the numbers and connect them with our industry experts worldwide in order to make a transaction successful, be it on the sell- or on the buy-side."
Portrait of Jörg Eschmann
Senior Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe

The goal of our strategy consulting in the area of mergers and acquisitions is to ensure sustainable profitability and growth through strategic corporate portfolio management. We offer the entire range of merger and acquisition-related services, from supporting buyer companies and their management in the search for suitable takeover or merger candidates, to evaluating potential target companies and checking potential synergies from mergers. Our transaction experts then calculate a purchase price and handle all further process steps involved in acquiring the asset, even supporting post-merger integration (PMI).

Our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and financial advisory experts offer independent strategy consulting, drawing on their expert financial knowledge and deep understanding of the latest trends and innovations. Their goal is to enable the management of our clients to keep matters in their own hands. We advise both buyers and sellers, providing support in areas such as: carve-outs, the search for target companies, cross-border transactions, PE-backed deal-making, company valuations, capital structure optimization, ESG (environment, social and governance) issues, identifying refinancing levers, market trends, macroeconomic uncertainty, and claims and liabilities management, including the moderation of stakeholder groups in the financing process.

Our partners and consultants have varied backgrounds in investment banking and can draw on the support of a broad network of leading financial and strategic investors, lawyers and insolvency administrators. They are well-versed in helping firms understand the contexts behind the figures and deal with the uncertainties of the current macroeconomic environment, with soaring inflation and skyrocketing interest rates. They can also connect them with global investors, industry experts and other firms – including takeover targets – around the world in order to optimize the value creation of deals.

As a globally active consulting firm, we not only have an eye on the worldwide markets and emerging trends but also expertise in a full range of industries. We combine our experience with mergers and acquisitions with the international industry expertise of a Tier 1 business consultancy. Our consultant teams use their knowhow and years of experience to ensure that any merger or acquisition deal is the best step for your company in the current market environment and the business entity's specific situation. Because a transaction only makes sense if our clients profit from it financially, operationally and strategically.

Our publications investigate a wide range of topics, including acquisitions, mergers, small, medium-sized and large deals, corporate transactions, market trends, value creation, financial considerations, identifying and acquiring target assets, corporate strategy, ESG, finance, interest rates, private equity, valuations, inflation, the energy transition, COVID-19 and its aftermath, US-based asset purchases, digital transformation, the use of dry powder, financial sponsors, growing geopolitical tensions and effective due diligence – in short, every aspect of dealmaking and the factors that might affect it. Our studies are aimed at CEOs, dealmakers, decision-makers and shareholders: in short, anyone for whom value creation is a priority.

How we work together with our Private Equity & Strategic Investors and Transaction Services teams

Our M&A / Financial Advisory services are not limited to brokerage and capital advisory, nor to the pure selling, buying and financing of companies, but rather we are supporting the carve-out , post-merger integration and also the due diligence activities before, during and after a transaction with specialized teams, which makes us unique in a way.

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