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Why Roland Berger

You're interested in joining Roland Berger? That's great. We're one of the world's leading consulting firms. Our corporate values make us stand out. And you, with personality, drive and an entrepreneurial spirit…you're exceptional, too.

Consulting attracts diverse, talented people – real game changers. It's an excellent career choice. Of course, we believe Roland Berger is the best of them all. Here's what makes joining us so worthwhile.

Be yourself

We think our perspective is a little different. Sure, we're looking for brilliant strategists. But beyond that, we want innovators. People who think big and see connections where others don't.

Above all, we're looking for personality. Being a true individual – your own person – takes character, strength and integrity. Exactly the qualities that make an exceptional consultant.

Do you have a wealth of outside interests? We'd love to hear more. They're what makes you a well-rounded person. We'll give you the space and support to develop your interests and charitable pursuits.

Be grounded

It’s true, we want personality. But we’re not blinded by style over substance. Great consultants are creative without losing sight of reality. We respect your common sense just as much as your imagination. Great ideas and solutions are inspired but they’re also credible, practical and grounded. We know to recognize that.

Be an entrepreneur

We trust you. It's not in our interest to force you into a mold. We know that's not how business grows. By creating environments built on trust and support, we create workplaces where passion and enthusiasm can thrive. A place for entrepreneurs.

A sense of ownership creates the best outcome. You'll be gaining responsibility right from the start. We're excited to see the results.

Fascinating people deserve fascinating work. At Roland Berger you find both.
Fascinating people deserve fascinating work. At Roland Berger you find both.
Be empathetic

We don't believe in ivory towers and can't imagine you do, either. We have a close relationship with our clients, joining them on-site, around the world. We speak their language, understand their concerns.

Good communication isn't all talk. Above all, it's about observing and listening. Show us a good listener and we'll show you someone with a commitment to partnership, respect and fairness. Those qualities are important to us. We're a team. You bring your talent and vision, we'll supply exactly the environment to foster it.

Be an expert

We offer the tools, experience and structure to help you hone your ideas into defined, developed plans, implemented with precision.

We're at home in all major industries. Many of your colleagues will be leaders in their field – be it automotive, aviation, digitalization, engineering, finance, restructuring… the list is nearly endless.

We offer our clients, and each other, first-hand expertise. That's pretty special to be around. You'll have access to leading speakers, respected academics and the best trainers. We want you to be happy here. When you grow, we do, too.

Be sustainable

We wouldn't be where we are today if it was all about the quick fix. Our clients are important to us and that means our goal is their sustained, long-term success. It's a good feeling when you get that right. We want to share that with you.

Being a Roland Berger consultant means representing real change. You're the influence and vision that transform a client's fortune for good. That's how you create lasting impact.

Be inspired

Real individuals are the spark behind everything we do. There are no run of the mill consultants here.

We have over fifty locations globally and our workplaces reflect this - highly diverse and talented people and their wealth of interests, skills and perspectives. Each day you spend in the office, you learn something new or see things from a different angle. These are exceptional colleagues and you'll find working with them exactly that.

Be diverse

Our origins as a European company lend us a natural diversity. They certainly distinguish us from our competition.

Fascinating people deserve fascinating work. Our projects are international and reflect our highly diverse clients and range of expertise. You may be advising on future trends in augmented reality, establishing an entirely new economic zone, or developing pipelines or an international airport. These are ventures at the forefront of business. No two days are the same. Every situation is different and each client unique. Just like you.

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