9 pledges

9 pledges

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Our values

Our strategy places the spotlight on our company's purpose and our people. This is reflected in the 9 Pledges, a set of principles that give us guidance and shape our behavior.

The 9 Pledges help us be the company we want to be – an inclusive, innovative, diverse and meritocratic environment where we care about each other.

We want to be a company where…

We care about each other.

We mindfully care about our colleagues and promote their personal development and healthy ways of working

We instill a sense of trust and openness in all our colleagues and encourage them to be themselves

We empower people of diverse backgrounds, talents, and competencies in our teams

We do purposeful work.

We work for the benefit of society while serving our clients

We foster a culture of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking

We focus on game changers and issues of importance by boldly deprioritizing other topics, as impact is what matters to us

We have the courage to speak up.

We go beyond the obvious, seek opportunities and speak up – and encourage our colleagues to do the same

We create a respectful and collaborative atmosphere of belonging to make all our colleagues feel welcome

We contribute positively to the environment, economy and communities we operate in and care about the impact of our daily actions

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9 pledges


We follow our joint purpose with a collaborative spirit. To live our three values of Entrepreneurship, Empathy and Excellence, we will hold ourselves to guiding principles, directed towards both our clients and employees.

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