Global Topics

Global Topics

Dive into the biggest issues, developments and disruptions driving our world and the business landscape

What are the biggest topics affecting business and the world we live in today? Our Global Topics page provides the answer – along with an exclusive deep-dive and analysis into the factors, developments and disruptions that have the greatest impact. From digitalization to sustainability, strategic adaptability, mobility, healthcare and everything in between, we bring you compelling insights to help you make informed decisions.

Major topics

The world isn’t spinning any faster yet, globally, it is becoming harder to keep up with the pace of change. Global topics are having a monumental effect on the international landscape, leaving businesses to grapple with complex and pressing issues.

Artificial Intelligence presents abundant possibilities for businesses across various sectors. The remarkable advancements in generative AI, coupled with its readily available accessibility, are fostering opportunities for efficiency improvements and innovative breakthroughs. However, in a landscape filled with promises and rapidly evolving hype-cycles, it becomes crucial for businesses to pinpoint their specific AI focus.

Sustainability & Climate Change leads the charge, impacting the business world on multiple levels — from the introduction of new laws and government regulations to growing consumer pressure. As urgency continues to mount, businesses wishing to capitalize on the opportunities, while side-stepping the perils, must take swift action.

Water is the world’s most fundamental resource. It sustains life itself and serves as the cornerstone of global agricultural, industrial and manufacturing processes. In many ways, water seems simple, but in an era marked by increasing water stress, the challenges of accessing, treating, delivering, disposing of and replenishing water are increasingly complex. Today, the strategic value of water is undeniable.

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Discover more important topics that have global reach. Like the world, the challenges, risks and opportunities of the business landscape evolve constantly. To make secure and gainful business decisions, you need a comprehensive, trusted resource that delivers expert findings on the most current and pressing issues of today and tomorrow. We provide top knowledgeable information that keeps companies abreast of all industry innovations, transformations and opportunities.

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