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Starting together

How to start your career as student or graduate

Consulting is about creativity, diversity, strategic thinking and hands-on team work. Does that sound interesting? See for yourself through an internship position or find out more about becoming a consultant.


An internship with us is an opportunity to experience consulting first-hand. You'll be assigned to a working project from day one. You'll have direct contact with our clients.

Your keen mind has always responded to challenges and you won't be bored here. The learning curve is steep but we know you'll rise to it. Remember, you're not on your own. We support you. Your team supports you. They remember what it was like to be in your shoes. On successful completion of the internship, you'll have the opportunity to receive a full-time contract. Welcome aboard!

Personality is what we're looking for – and you have it.
Personality is what we're looking for – and you have it.

Gap Year

The Roland Berger Gap Year offers the perfect chance to combine three great opportunities in one program:

Working in consulting, in a startup company and experiencing a new culture by working abroad. During the 9-month program you take advantage of gaining detailed insights in the field of consulting, you get regular trainings, involvement in social events and the support from a mentor.

The next program period starts on October 10, 2022. The application deadline for the Gap Year 2021 is March 7, 2022.

After finishing all three modules, excellent candidates receive a job offer as a Junior Consultant after finishing their Master studies.


You are about to finish your studies or have recently graduated with impressive marks and a passion for your subject. You spent a year or two abroad, studying or through an internship, which explains your broad perspective and empathic outlook.

You have experience, such as internships, entrepreneurial ventures or charitable projects, where you've demonstrated analytical and strategic skills, team work and creativity. You'll join us as an Analyst or Junior Consultant.

Professional and personal development and training are very important to us. Your start is no exception. You'll join new colleagues worldwide in our kickoff training, where we'll show you the ropes – skills you'll rely on for the rest of your career.

You'll have access to plenty of additional training in your first year, through our extensive program of seminars, talks and coaching opportunities, together with your personally assigned mentor. If you are considering an MBA , you can also count on our support.

Your start as an Analyst or Junior Consultant will offer you variety, growth and a great introduction to a range of projects and tasks. With our focus on industry and functional competence, you'll find yourself quickly gravitating to a specialized area.

Experience Report
Portrait of Naoki Tokumoto, Tokyo office
Naoki Tokumoto, Tokyo office
I studied biotechnology at Kyoto University before joining Roland Berger. At the time, bioventure companies in Japan were booming. I knew a lot of researchers who started up promising businesses that failed, due to a lack of management skills. A desire to be able to guarantee success drew me to consulting.

Since joining the Tokyo office, I've been involved in lots of projects, including business strategy, restructuring and organization, mainly within mobility, construction, and healthcare industries.

The diversity and entrepreneurial spirit at Roland Berger make it a very motivating place to be. Right from the start, I was working on major projects that had real impact on clients' businesses.

What we are looking for

Personality. It's critical to success and you have it. A great consultant has winning ideas and is able to implement them. Strategy into reality. Sounds like you? Learn what we're looking for and jump on board.

Your qualifications

Learning is natural to you. You have an impressive degree – in economics, engineering, natural sciences, or any other subject. What matters is passion and excellence. You have stand-out analytical skills.

You've spent time abroad, studying or through work experience, and your English is fluent.

You laid the groundwork for your career and have impressive and challenging internships behind you.

Your personality

You have broad interests. You love discovering new things and debating ideas. You have an inquisitive mind and form compelling arguments.

Your perspective is deep and committed. You analyze structures, trends, relationships, cause and effect. You have a complex vision of the world.

It's this maturity of thinking that gives you your empathy. You're compelling. You apply your thinking. You're entrepreneurial. You enjoy forging ahead with new ideas.

Team work is important to you and is about what you put in. You gain just as much from being around equally switched-on people. Your ambition doesn't get in the way of team spirit and being hands-on.

Selection process

What awaits you

Our first step together

This is about getting to know each other and understanding why you're our ideal candidate.

We take great care with incoming applications, so please allow three or four months' lead-in before your ideal start date.

You have an exceptional CV. Tell us what makes you our next consultant in a cover letter and submit both online. It's the quickest way to apply.

Our next step together

Your application was impressive. We'd love to meet you.

Come in for interviews. They're designed to help us understand your perspective and skillset, and learn more about the personality behind the application. Who are you? What makes you tick? We want to know what motivates you. What would your ideal career look like? Why consulting? Why Roland Berger?

You'll be demonstrating your aptitude for numbers. Are you a good communicator? Can you take criticism? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You're an analytical person. You see the connections that others miss. That's important to us. Our case studies will challenge your intelligence and creativity, and showcase your professional skills. A session together will give us an opportunity to see your thinking in action. We have the impression you're quite a problem solver. Show us.

There is not just one correct way to work on a case study. This is about seeing your approach and what makes you unique.

The process is just as much about us impressing you. Any questions? Fire away. Let's find out exactly why we're perfect for each other.

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