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Be ready for action.

Selection process

What awaits you

Our first step together

This is about getting to know each other and understanding why you're our ideal candidate.

We take great care with incoming applications, so please allow three or four months' lead-in before your ideal start date.

You have an exceptional CV. Tell us what makes you our next consultant in a cover letter and submit both online. It's the quickest way to apply.

Our next step together

Your application was impressive. We'd love to meet you.

Come in for interviews. They're designed to help us understand your perspective and skillset, and learn more about the personality behind the application. Who are you? What makes you tick? We want to know what motivates you. What would your ideal career look like? Why consulting? Why Roland Berger?

You'll be demonstrating your aptitude for numbers. Are you a good communicator? Can you take criticism? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

You're an analytical person. You see the connections that others miss. That's important to us. Our case studies will challenge your intelligence and creativity, and showcase your professional skills. A session together will give us an opportunity to see your thinking in action. We have the impression you're quite a problem solver. Show us.

There is not just one correct way to work on a case study. This is about seeing your approach and what makes you unique.

The process is just as much about us impressing you. Any questions? Fire away. Let's find out exactly why we're perfect for each other.

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