Technology, Media & Telcos

Technology, Media & Telcos

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Innovative technologies

Leading the digital world

The telecommunications, media, and technology (TMT) sector is leading the digital world, delivering innovative technologies and designing new digital services across every industry.

New models built around IoT, cloud computing, robotics, data analytics, learning machines, cognitive computing, 3D printing, smart devices, and high speed networks have already become realities. Some argue that the internet is killing traditional TMT players, but that’s only half the story. As legacy business is rupturing, new businesses and value spaces are forming. At Roland Berger, we help smart TMT managers turn a crisis into an opportunity.

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The need for deep consumer insights, effective pricing, innovative business models, and new capabilities is growing. Our consultants have the skills to help you decide where to play, ensuring your business can keep up in a volatile market. It’s more vital than ever to create premium services and individualized products that appeal to consumers' lifestyles as well as companies’ processes and organizations. We can show you the way.


Traditional telecommunications business is deflating. In mature markets, mobile revenues are falling while growth in emerging markets is rapidly flattening. This makes extracting more value from the core business of both fixed-line and mobile markets more complex than ever before. Problems such as price erosion, new competitors, and customer churn require effective solutions, and new technologies such as VDSL and LTE still need to be integrated into business strategies.

Roland Berger’s experts can help you modernize your business and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. From product portfolio simplification to large scale transformation, consolidating your core business to M&A moves and radical moves beyond the core, our consultants have seen it all—and they know how to deliver bottom line results.

Media & Entertainment

Where will tomorrow’s audiences find and consume their entertainment? Every year, the old paradigm becomes increasingly obsolete. Rapid introductions of new media-delivery devices mean that what’s topical this month may very well be obsolete the next.

At Roland Berger, our consultants have the expertise to help you tackle the challenges of new media head-on—and without confusing your audience or losing traction in your existing markets. Our specialists understand how to deliver premium content that attracts both advertisers and consumers.


In the world of technology, innovation is growing at rapid speed. This makes for a considerable risk of obsolescence, and at an equally swift pace. In addition, technology has quickly moved from standalone modules to comprehensive, integrated systems.

Roland Berger focuses on optimizing products and services to respond to your customers’ needs and to avoid commoditization risks. Our consultants strategically leverage your capabilities in effective, uncomplicated ways that enable your customers see more efficiency and better value.

Digitization, Digital Disruption, and Startups

As consumers' lifestyle and business processes become more digitally dependent, this gives rise to new needs, new technologies, and new types of players. In many markets and businesses, tomorrow’s competitors will not be the same as they are today. There is a lot at stake. Strategy will become a key weapon for TMT players to design new opportunities, but they must also act on them.

Terra Numerata™ is our bold, multi-faceted initiative to bring Web 2.0 innovation to traditional businesses across Europe. We are connecting startup talent with capital and prominent industry experts, creating a pan-European alliance of digital pioneers who will invent the business models of tomorrow. Roland Berger’s partnership with NUMA, the leading French startup accelerator, is already bridging the gap between old economies and new. Our experts will work with you to create your own branded excubator or digital initiative, meaning that you get all the progress without losing long-term control.

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