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Understanding the disruption ahead

Our Automotive Competence Center is leading the transformation of the automotive industry into the new mobility world. With a global team of authentic and trusted individuals, we are passionate about driving sustainable change together with our clients and partners.

The automotive industry is a driving force in the world economy, and we provide the insight you need to outpace the competition. In today’s rapidly changing automotive industry, having a deep understanding of disruptive technologies, converging markets, and the new demand for mobility isn’t just an advantage—it’s essential. Rapidly evolving trends like car and truck automation, connectivity, and e-mobility put traditional players' business models at risk; new players are emerging and playing out their competencies in customer relation management as well as coming up with innovative, data-driven business models. How do you plan to meet the demands of your industry’s future?

At Roland Berger, we have a broad perspective on the automotive sector. We understand the disruption that lies ahead. We also track growth in China, Brazil, Russia, and India to predict long term trends and future challenges.

Our global positioning means that our consultants have a well-rounded view on issues surrounding innovation, technologies, retail, production, and mobility services throughout the world and can develop solutions for local as well as global automotive markets.

Car manufacturers

In the future, you will have to do more than just build an excellent car. The rising challenges for manufacturers are manifold, reaching from stricter controls on emissions and regulations on fuel efficiency, to a comprehensive shift of global profit pools. It's time to find creative mobility solutions that work for you and your target markets—ones that bring digitization into play.

With the shared experience of colleagues around the world at their disposal, Roland Berger’s team of consultants can offer deep insight into these global concerns. Our mission is to help you take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Wherever your concerns land in the supply chain—and in any market—we know where to take action to maintain profitable growth.

Commercial vehicle manufacturers

Rising transport volumes, stricter environmental legislation, and the continuing globalization of vehicle concepts are just as few of the dynamic challenges our industry players are facing. As emerging economies develop, so too do their needs for commercial, agricultural, and construction vehicles. Mature markets, on the other hand, demand innovative products. To ensure long-term growth, you need a plan that balances these concerns. Have you found the right strategy for your business?

At Roland Berger, we’re experts in defining and implementing individualized market approaches that capitalize on the effects of globalization within new markets, as well as providing you with solutions to improve your existing business through lean concepts and modularization. We share our expertise with colleagues around the globe to ensure profitable business for our clients.

Automotive suppliers

Raw materials costs, profit margins, and the availability of innovation investment opportunities are on everyone’s mind. In addition, the collective shift towards China has led to great dependency, and now local suppliers are rapidly expanding and claiming their home market, leaving European and American suppliers vulnerable. It is vital that the supplier business review their footprint strategy and their degree of integration. Technology leadership, for example in strategic areas like automation, is another critical topic to address.

At Roland Berger, we understand the ambiguity and uncertainty of international markets. We anticipate the opportunities and help our customers to profit from changing market shares, structural shifts, and new technologies. Backed by a team of expert consultants with a truly global perspective, we're here to help you realign your focus and optimize your value chain.

Marketing and sales

The market is stagnating, competition is increasing, incentive spending is eroding profits, and carmakers are under growing pressure to boost their customer satisfaction and sales figures. Branding, service, and support play a significant role. How can we help you stand out and achieve real sales and service excellence in this competitive industry?

Over the years, Roland Berger has developed special expertise in the area of OEM and automotive retail performance. We help you achieve significant increases in sales and profitability by aligning your branding and naming strategies with current trends, and improving the efficiency and support of your retail operations.

Technology & Innovation

Developments such as connectivity, automation, and electrification can lead to potentially disruptive changes for the industry, especially when coupled with stricter regulations and a volatile economic environment. Cars have become "computers on wheels", using Lithium Ion batteries and fuel cells for energy storage and new light-weight materials such as carbon-fibers and plastics instead of steel. Along with new technologies, new business models and new competitors are challenging traditional players, making non-linear thinking in larger systems mandatory. In order to reflect on how the future may unfold and to develop robust, successful strategies, new technology performance and cost developments need to be understood and scenarios must be built. The new focus on software and services means that companies need to adapt their business models, their organization, and processes accordingly.

At Roland Berger, our experts have looked upstream and downstream to develop strategies that cover the entire ecosystem you are working in. Using a strong network of research and start-ups, off-the-shelf revenue, cost, and profit models, and proven methodological frameworks, we provide fresh insights and new ideas to transform your business and help you gain a sustainable competitive edge.

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Portrait of Marcus Berret
Senior Partner, Global Managing Director
Stuttgart Office, Central Europe
+49 711 3275-7419