Private Equity & Strategic Investors

Private Equity & Strategic Investors

Realizing a company’s hidden value

Our private equity (PE) and strategic investors consulting team serves financial and strategic investors, helping them invest their capital in private companies and other asset classes. Roland Berger acts as a trusted partner, offering our profound industry and functional expertise in transactions and value creation projects to our clients. We support the investment decisions of private equity funds and their portfolio companies, helping identify the most important levers to create sustainable value.

To support businesses make the right decisions when it comes to investing in new assets, we have built a global network of industry and functional experts who can determine the true value of a target company. These experts are well practiced in creating equity stories to enhance the exit value of different asset classes. We provide our private equity and strategic investor clients with a holistic approach for commercial and operational due diligences, as well as value creation programs for portfolio companies.

"Our private equity consulting team has conducted more than 2,200 commercial and operational due diligences for the buy-side and the sell-side over the last three years."
Portrait of Christof Huth
Senior Partner
Munich Office, Central Europe

Roland Berger's global private equity (PE) and strategic investment consulting team has conducted more than 2,200 commercial and operational due diligences over the last three years, reporting both to the buy-side and the sell-side. That makes us one of the world's leading specialists in private equity and corporate transactions. Furthermore, our private equity consulting team has worked with more than 300 private equity funds and infrastructure investment firms and advised a very large number of strategic investment firms globally in investing in new assets.

Our consulting approach for private equity & strategic investors

Our consulting team provides private equity (PE) funds and strategic investment firms, along with the companies in their multi-asset portfolios, with an analytical synopsis of the relevant investment considerations . We draw up due diligence reports on new capital assets using our in-depth understanding of the underlying industries, demonstrating how to create value, both top-line and bottom-line.

Our teams have profound insights into a multitude of global companies, markets and cultures. We leverage these insights in our commercial and operational due diligence reports, providing clients with end-to-end investment support. We use the same approach to support strategic investment companies in their search for suitable targets in which to invest their funds, supporting them throughout the transaction process and also helping them successfully integrate the acquired asset. Roland Berger's work with private equity and strategic investment companies builds on three key pillars:

  1. Our know-how: Senior industry experts and a top-tier international network
  2. Our experience: Numerous projects related to private equity and strategic transactions, valuations, buyouts and value creation plans
  3. Our approach: An integrated strategic, operational and financial view and hands-on implementation, for which we are widely recognized

The members of our consulting teams have a strong global track record built on a wealth of experience across different sectors. We are able to put together powerful teams of functional and industry experts in the relevant geographical regions, combining both breadth and depth of knowledge.

Our industry experts

At Roland Berger we draw on our experience as the leading consulting firm in many underlying industries. We offer outstanding project references and are backed up by a powerful network of industry platforms.

Our well-positioned industry experts have a deep knowledge of markets, competitors and customers as well as an in-depth understanding of specific market segments. They use this expertise to provide private equity (PE) firms, deal-making fund managers, infrastructure investors and strategic investors and the companies in their portfolios with precise benchmarks, helping them make informed decisions on how to deploy their funds - based on the insights in our report. Our industry experts also have an established industry network with direct access to decision-makers at key market players.

Our functional experts

Our functional experts offer profound know-how in relevant functional topics. These include value creation plan development, sales-up, commercial and pricing excellence, performance improvement, cost base reduction, procurement and operations efficiency, footprint assessment and supply chain management. Based on their expertise in these areas, our experts can provide private equity firms, infrastructure investors and their portfolio companies as well as strategic investors with realistic benchmarks for assessing relevant functions within the target company.

Key areas of expertise

We advise PE firms and strategic investors, as well as their portfolio companies, along the entire investment cycle, including the entry, holding period and exit from the investment. Our consultants have their finger on the pulse and are able to track private equity trends, breaking private equity news and anything that affects the outlook for PE firms and strategic investors. To strengthen our support, we have developed numerous proprietary approaches and specialized tools for different points along the investment cycle, enabling us to support leading companies with their investment strategy – always in line with their specific requirements.

We regularly publish studies, articles and reports on a wide range of areas in the field of PE-backed investments and the strategic investment of private funds. From C-suite considerations to private equity trends and ESG-related topics, our reports provide the decision-makers who manage private wealth, monitor current deal activity and valuations or are simply interested in corporate IPOs, different asset classes or private credit with a deep fund of cutting-edge, solid, reliable information on which to base their decisions.

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How we work together with our Transaction Services and M&A / Financial Advisory teams

Investors have many questions and concerns when it comes to portfolio management and strategic investments. Together with our Transaction Services team and our M&A / Financial Advisory team, we help them find the right answers and the optimal strategic investment decisions. Our cross-functional teams advise global clients throughout the entire transaction execution, offering both short-term and long-term support with how they invest their capital.

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