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Job opportunities

What job opportunities does Roland Berger offer?

The opportunities we offer are as unique and diverse as you. They depend on factors such as academic and work experience. If you're a student, come and learn about us through an internship.

If you're an MBA student, come and experience our environment first-hand through our Summer Associate Program.

If you've completed an undergraduate degree, you're already on track to becoming an Analyst or Junior Consultant. If you have a PhD, second degree, MBA from a prestigious business school or professional experience, we can even get you started at a higher level.

Existing industry or consulting experience is very valuable to us. Let's find out how we can offer you the perfect role.


What are Roland Berger's requirements for applicants?

You have personality. This is crucial to us. You excelled at school and university.

You have experience such as study abroad, entrepreneurial ventures, charitable projects or internships, where you've demonstrated robust analytical and strategic skills, team work and creativity.

A natural communicator, your spoken and written English is excellent. You also have a good command of the language local to the office you are applying to.

Is Roland Berger only interested in people with a background in business?

Absolutely not. Diversity of perspective is one of our key strengths and fundamental to our success – we seek it out. Half of our consultants have backgrounds in engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, or the humanities.

What unites us, and you, is entrepreneurial spirit.

Prospects and programs

How will Roland Berger help me prepare for consulting?

Supporting your professional and personal development is very important to us.

When you start, you'll join new colleagues worldwide in a two-week introductory seminar. You'll pick up valuable skills that will lay the groundwork for your career in consulting. If you don't hold a business degree, we'll help you familiarize yourself with business 101, too.

Your learning doesn't stop. Experienced colleagues will be on hand to support their new team member and you'll have access to a vast selection of world-class training, mentoring opportunities and seminars.

What salary should I expect?

We'll offer you an attractive starting salary and bonus, together with the host of perks your office provides.

How will you support my professional and personal development?

Professional and personal development are critically important. Top speakers, renowned coaches and leading industry experts are here for you in our extensive Training program on management topics and social, personal and leadership skills.

We'll also happily support you through an MBA if you decide to take your training up a level.

You can even relocate worldwide to another of our 50+ offices for up to two years via our international exchange program.

How is my performance evaluated?

You'll receive regular feedback from your project manager and your mentor.

You and your mentor will meet twice a year for an official evaluation round. This is valuable time spent with an experienced business leader. Together, you'll plan how to get exactly where you'd like to be, both professionally and personally.

How will you help me achieve a good work/life balance?

A fulfilling private life is important and makes you the well-rounded, empathic person we appreciate.

Let's talk about your needs. We can develop tailor-made solutions together, such as flexible working hours or a home office. We also offer sabbaticals to support you in pursuing personal goals and projects, be it travel, learning a new skill, charitable projects or the simple pleasure of spending more time with family and friends.

Project work

What is the average length of a project? How many consultants do you assign to one?

Our clients have diverse needs and goals – so it won't surprise you to learn that there's no such thing as a typical project.

Project duration depends on the task at hand. It can take as little as a few weeks, or as long as a year. Some projects require one or two consultants, others a team of 20.

Where do projects take place?

Our clients are based all over the world, and you'll have many opportunities to travel. It's part of being a consultant.

In general, you'll be working four days on­site and spending Friday at the office.

How many of the projects are international?

Over 75% of our work includes cross-border challenges and your career with us is international, too. You can even work at one of our 50+ offices worldwide, thanks to our transfer programs.

Application process

What documents do you require?

Your application should include a detailed résumé and a cover letter, explaining why you'd like to join us and how you'd be a perfect fit for the role in question. In some countries, diplomas, certificates and references will be requested as an integral part of your application.
For us, your personality and qualification are what counts. Hence, please don't include a photo in your application documents.

Do I have to apply for an advertised position?

People like you don't come along every day, so we keep our hiring process flexible to be able to welcome them when they do.

Apply to be a consultant or intern whenever you wish – there's no need to wait for an advertisement. Alternatively, keep an eye on our advertised positions for specific consultancy focuses or support areas.

When can I apply?

Usually, there is no fixed hiring period for internships or consulting positions. Apply any time! In some countries, junior recruiting is scheduled according to university cycle. Please contact HR in the office you would like to join.

How long will it take to process my application?

We want to find out exactly why you're the right fit for us - and vice versa. In general, the process will take around six to eight weeks (from submitting your application to signing the contract) and you should apply four to six months before your ideal start date.

If you're joining us as an intern, the process is usually more rapid. If you are interested in an internship during the summer period, please apply early on.

How do I apply?

We prefer applications via our online form. It's the quickest way to apply and get feedback.

What happens to my online application?

Our recruiting team reviews each one carefully. You should expect to hear from us within three weeks.

What should I expect from selection day?

We'll hold interviews with you, covering your professional and personal goals and experiences. We'll discuss case studies based on our real-life consultancy practice.

We want to get to know you. Our selection day is designed to bring out your personality and show us how you structure and analyze tasks. We'll gain an insight into your creativity and whether you have a head for numbers.

Can I re-apply to Roland Berger if I've been turned down in the past?

Of course. We appreciate your resolve and continued interest. Let us know about the recent personal and professional developments that make you a better fit this time around. Perhaps you've since studied abroad, completed an internship or gained valuable professional experience. Sounds exciting. Please tell us more.

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