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To ensure the secure transfer of personal data between your web browser and our server, we use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) locking system for all web forms containing sensitive personal data. SSL encrypts all communication and documents transferred between web browsers and web servers (128 bit). This prevents unauthorized persons from reading confidential information being transferred via the Internet.

Tips on PDFs

Tips on viewing PDFs:

  • Use the linked bookmarks on the left-hand side to quickly move around the pages.
  • Use the page down arrows on the bottom tool bar.
  • Change the size of the page/view with the "page" icons.

Tips on saving PDFs:

  • Choose the "disk" icon in the top tool bar, then give the file a name.
  • With some PDFs, you can select "File" and "Save As", then give the file a name.
  • Make sure you make a note of where you saved the file on your computer.

Tips on printing PDFs:

  • Choose the "print" icon on the top tool bar.
  • With some PDFs, you can select "File" and "Save As", then give the file a name.

About JavaScript

Although we recommend that you turn on JavaScript when browsing our website, it will remain fully functional even with JavaScript turned off.

Any differences that might occur are strictly presentational. For example, some pages might open in a new blank window instead of a pop-up window as they would in the JavaScript-enabled version.

If you don't know what JavaScript is, don't worry. It is turned on by default in most modern browsers, so it is likely that you are already using it.